‘The Challenge: Double Agents’ Spoilers: Who Goes Home In Episode 2?

Warning: This article contains spoilers for The Challenge: Double Agents.

The Challenge: Double Agents is underway, with one cast member already booted during its premiere episode last week. Veteran Ashley Mitchell was sent packing after she faced off against rookie and Survivor champ Natalie Anderson. This won’t be the last fans see of Ashley, however, as the two-time winner will be invited back later in the season after a surprising amount of DQs causes an imbalance in the cast.

The December 16 episode of Double Agents will see the first male elimination of the season, and it looks like a rookie will be the one going home. According to Challenge insider Pink Rose on Vevmo, Joseph Allen will be the first male boot. The America’s Got Talent contestant is partnered with Tula “Big T” Fazakerley, who had trouble remembering her partner’s name in the last week.

Joseph and Big T will be voted down as well as Kyle Christie and teammate Nany Gonzalez. For now, it’s unknown which team is selected by the daily challenge’s winners and which was sent down by the rest of the house’s anonymous vote. Since it’s a men’s elimination, both the women will be safe, meaning Joseph will defend himself against Kyle.

Pink Rose is claiming the two battle one another in some form of a ring wrestle. If the competition is anything like eliminations past, the duo will hold onto a small ring and be challenged with ripping it away from the other. Traditionally, it’s a best of three format.

Joseph’s early departure is no surprise, as the rookie seemed rather blasé about the whole experience. The singer had a very positive attitude last week but didn’t seem like he truly knew what he was in for with the MTV series.

The beginning of Episode 2 will start off with Natalie’s difficult decision on her partner. The Survivor winner is currently paired with Wes Bergmann but was given the opportunity by host TJ Lavin to switch partners after her elimination victory. Natalie can choose any guy to be her partner, except for Faysal “Fessy” Shafaat who is currently paired with Aneesa Ferreira. The Big Brother alum is untouchable since he won the first competition and is the current male double agent.

It looks as if Natalie stays with Wes, as she is not planning on ruffling any feathers. Chris “CT” Tamburello is without a teammate, and his fate is currently unknown. What happens to a solo competitor is not known, but TJ will reveal all this evening.

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