Spoilers For ‘The Bachelorette’: Tayshia Adams’ Hometowns Bring Emotional Family-Related Moments

For Tuesday night on ABC’s The Bachelorette, spoilers tease that Tayshia Adams will meet the families of her final four men. This season has already been an unusual one in many ways. By the sounds of things, that will be the case with these “hometown” dates as well.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, filming was restricted to the La Quinta Resort in California. That means instead of traveling all around the country to visit the hometowns of her final four suitors, their loved ones were brought to California.

According to spoiler blogger Reality Steve, Brendan Morais will get the first opportunity to introduce Tayshia to his loved ones. During the first portion of the pair’s outing, they’ll enjoy a small carnival, according to ABC.

For at least part of this, Brendan’s niece Aliyah will join them. Later, Tayshia will meet his brother Dan and sister-in-law Christi. However, she will not end up meeting his parents.

The Bachelorette spoilers detail that Zac Clark will have the second outing. They’ll have a date designed around his home in New York City, and the show shared a preview of this via Instagram.

In the evening, Zac’s parents and his brother will join them.


The third date shown will be Ivan Hall’s. The Bachelorette teasers revealed that this would include a great chef, and it seems this refers to his niece joining them via video. She’ll be walking Ivan and Tayshia through making a Filipino dish.

ABC noted that one guy would be disappointed that one key family member isn’t there. However, Ivan’s parents will be there and later, his brother Gabriel will surprise him by being there as well.

That means Ben Smith will get the final chance to impress Tayshia and introduce his loved ones. Their experience will have a Venice Beach vibe, and his sister Madalyn will be there.

In addition, Top Chef veteran Antonia Lofaso will join them. Apparently, she’s good friends with Ben and he trains her at the gym.

It’s par for the course that some of the families voice some skepticism about the process, and Tayshia will face that, too.

Spoilers hint that Brendan’s family will talk about whether or not he might be ready to propose. In addition, Zac’s family will initially be doubtful that the pair’s romance could be real. Ben seemingly realizes he’s in love with Tayshia, but he may find himself holding back in letting her know.

According to Reality Steve, Tayshia will end up eliminating Ben after these hometown dates. However, The Bachelorette buzz is that this will not be the last that viewers — or Tayshia — will see of him.

Tayshia’s journey has been a shortened one due to the fact that Clare Crawley was the original Bachelorette this season. Will the time she spends with her men and their families give her any clarity? Teasers suggest that there may still be some surprises ahead, and fans are curious to see how the rest of the season plays out.

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