Post Malone Gets A Bloody Face Tattoo

Michelle McGahan

Post Malone just got another face tattoo, this one a black-and-white buzzsaw blade dripping with blood. The ink, which is on his left cheek, is the first pop of color the rapper has tattooed on his face.

The tattoo artist broke the news when he unveiled two pictures of Post Malone's cheek ink on Instagram on Wednesday, February 5.

The first picture was a close-up shot of the circular tattoo, which gave fans a detailed view at the hip-hop artist's latest piece of body art. The saw blade featured four shaded trapezoids in the center, which made it seem like the piece of equipment was in motion. The bright red blood splattered against the saw blade and dripped down his face, just reaching his beard.

The second photo showed the tattoo artist in the process of inking Post Malone's cheek — specifically drawing the blood.

The artist put "Sprint Center" as the location for both photos. According to Billboard, the "Circles" singer was tattooed at the venue after his concert in Kansas City, Missouri, on Wednesday, February 5.

While this is far from Post Malone's first piece of facial ink, fans were divided in the comments section of the photos. Some loved his latest work; others felt that it was too much.

"Great work," a follower complimented the tattoo artist, adding flame emoji. "Can't wait to see you do some more on him in the future....preferably on his face just to piss off all these haters a little more."

While neither Post Malone nor the tattoo artist revealed the inspiration behind the ink, one fan believed it held a significant meaning.

"Bae, something is going on in your soul. Killing me to watch this.... Tats have meaning and the bleeding wheel is intense symbolism. I get/hear you," they wrote. "Much Love."

When asked why he decided to get so much ink on his face, Post Malone previously revealed that it was to make his mother angry. He also joked that he had a face for radio, so tattooing it made sense.