October 23, 2019
Apparent Demi Lovato Nude Photos Leaked On Snapchat

On Thursday evening, apparent nude photos of Demi Lovato were posted on her Snapchat.

It all started when some social media users took to Twitter report that the singer's Snapchat had been hacked. Some fans noticed that there was a strange SnapStory uploaded to Lovato's Snapchat account, teasing nudes if fans signed up for a Discord server. Within minutes, nude photos of a woman -- presumed to be Lovato -- were posted to the account.

"Join this discord server for my nudes," read the initial message on Lovato's Snapchat.

The message offered a swipe-up link, encouraging fans to sign up to see her naked. Some fans decided to swipe up and log in to the server and many took to Twitter to report that Lovato's private photos had indeed been leaked.

About 10 minutes later, another post was uploaded to Lovato's SnapStory. The photo shows a completely nude brunette standing in a closet and posing for a mirror selfie.

"Join the chuckling squad discord for more," the caption reads, with another swipe-up link.

A couple of minutes later, another post was uploaded -- a message on a solid black background that read, "Add my boyfriend @ssimon666." Another few follow requests were posted in subsequent uploads.

The next post showed a topless woman -- again, one bearing a strong resemblance to the singer -- in bed, giving the camera a pouty look. Text written over the photo by the alleged hacker promised more photos and videos -- alluding to a sex tape -- for anyone who signed up to "discord."

Fans of Lovato have been absolutely heartbroken to see the "Confident" singer has been hacked.

"Someone hacked Demi Lovato's Snapchat and is posting her nudes," tweeted one social media user.

Several fans have also sent tweets to Snapchat, asking those who work for the app to shut down Lovato's account.

"Crazy that somebody woke up and thought 'damn...you know what I [felt] like doing? Hacking Demi Lovato for some nudes," wrote another.

The photos were live on Lovato's Snapchat for a little less than an hour. Her account is still live but the photos and other posts have since been removed. It's unclear if Snapchat removed them or if the hackers took them down on their own accord.

Lovato has not yet responded to the nude photo leak.

Over the summer, the 27-year-old announced that she was going to take a break from social media. She has since returned to Instagram, but she has only posted a handful of photos since July.

Lovato isn't the first celebrity to have nude photos leak online. Back in May, singer Iggy Azalea went through something similar when her private nude photos were posted on social media without her consent. The "Fancy" singer was absolutely devastated and deleted her social media accounts following the leak.