A Convincing ‘Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker’ Fan Theory Suggests Finn Is A Jedi

A Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker fan theory trending around the web suggests that Rey isn’t the only remaining Jedi in a galaxy far, far away. The theory — which was originally posted over at Star Wars Shadow Council and endorsed by Inverse — claims that Finn is also harboring the Force.

The theory gathers evidence from all corners of the Star Wars universe, including video games, movie novelizations, and the recent films. According to the proponent of the argument, The Mandalorian Wolf, the Force entered Finn during the early scenes of Star Wars: The Force Awakens when he was still a Stormtrooper and had just witnessed his best friend, Slip, die in battle.

The theorist notes that Finn hears something during those moments that no one else around him seems to notice. Furthermore, in the very same scene, Kylo Ren pauses on the way back to his ship and notices Finn standing there, hesitant to participate in the action. Ren then observes Finn thoroughly and takes note of who he is.

Perhaps Kylo was just reading the Stormstrooper’s reluctant body language and feeling suspicious of him. That said, it’s also possible that he sensed the Force growing inside Finn, right there and then.

The theory also notes how Maz Kanata gives Rey’s lightsaber to Finn, as opposed to Han Solo. It’s already been established in Star Wars lore that Han isn’t one with the Force, but as a well-trusted member of the Resistance, it would have made more sense for Maz to give him the weapon, instead of a former servant of the First Order. Did Maz pass the lightsaber on to Finn because she sensed his connection to the Force?

While all fan theories should be taken with a pinch of salt, the one that Mandalorian Wolf presents makes a strong case for his idea. It would certainly give Finn a more significant part to play in the Resistance’s bid to beat the First Order once and for all.

Additionally, this isn’t the first time this idea has been proposed, either. A report by Comic Book Resources argues that Finn’s journey in Star Wars: The Last Jedi points toward him discovering his power at a later date. The article highlights how Finn and Luke Skywalker’s lives mirror each other’s, suggesting that perhaps Finn is also destined to embrace a Jedi destiny at some point.

Of course, we won’t know for sure until December 20, 2019, when Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker arrives in theaters and concludes the current trilogy.

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