Little Caesars Is Currently Testing A New Lasagna Pizza

Alisha McKinney

Little Caesars is synonymous with bargains on pizza and a rapid turnaround time for a dish that historically takes a while to cook. That said, it now appears they're trying to get in on some serious food innovation. Primarily associated with their $5 pepperoni pizza, Little Caesars is trying something a little different in select stores across the United States.

According to a report from Thrillist, Little Caesars is currently testing a new lasagna pizza at select locations. The pizza reportedly consists of a toasted parmesan crust with a meatier sauce than usual. It's also made with Muenster, ricotta, and mozzarella cheese. As a bonus, it's topped with small lasagna noodles to really bring home the experience of this combination pizza/pasta dish.

While the lasagna pizza certainly sounds like it could be appealing to many, perhaps the most noteworthy aspect of this experimental venture is its caloric content. Little Caesars lasagna pizza will net its eaters a whopping 2,740 calories. For those looking to take it easy over the holidays and avoid packing on pounds, this little slice of Italian deliciousness might be something to avoid. It also packs a serious sodium punch at 5,780 mg.

The pizza is currently being sold at locations in West Virginia, Georgia, and Ohio and carries a price tag of $9. At the testing locations, Little Caesars is serving the pizza as part of their "Hot-N-Ready" menu from 4 p.m. until 8 p.m.

According to PizzaToday, Little Caesars is the fourth-largest pizza business in the United States, behind Papa John's at No. 3, Domino's at No. 2, and Pizza Hut claiming the top spot for U.S. pizza chains. Little Caesars had more than $3 billion in revenue for 2017. That number only accounts for a fraction of Pizza Hut's revenue for the same year, which topped $14 billion.

As to whether or not the lasagna pizza will remain a mainstay of the Hot-N-Ready menu and spread to more states, that remains to be seen.