‘Big Brother’s’ Tyler Crispen & Angela Rummans Hint At Potential ‘The Amazing Race’ Casting

America’s favorite summer showmance may be back on television screens sooner than we had all thought. Tyler Crispen and Angela Rummans (who are now officially dating, according to her Instagram story in which she posted a photo of the lifeguard for National Boyfriend Day) have been dropping some serious hints about The Amazing Race. The show, which is another CBS hit, would be the perfect fit for the showmance. After all, BB19‘s Jessica Graf & Cody Nickson competed after their time on Big Brother and they ended up winning the entire thing, as reported by ET. The couple is now engaged and expecting their first child together.

Tyler and Angela both agreed that they would be down for a spot on the show on Tyler’s live Instagram story a couple days ago. Angela said that her decision is “neither a yes or a no” while Tyler seemed excited at the prospect. They both agreed that if they were to go on the show they would obviously want to play as partners. It would seem silly for CBS to split up the iconic duo (unless it was some sort of twist).

A full version of Tyler’s story can be found on YouTube (as posted by someone with the screen name Niel Bohr). The lovebirds would make for great competitors on the show as they proved in the BB house they have what it takes to cooperate under intense pressure. Their Level 6 Alliance made it all the way to the end. While Angela Rummans placed fourth, Kaycee Clark and Tyler Crispen (both were members of the alliance) made up the final two.

The couple has also been relying on globe-heavy imagery lately, as both have posted to their stories using the globe emoji. Fans of The Amazing Race know that the globe is a part of the show’s logo. Tyler and Angela are also both staying in Los Angeles right now (they actually moved in together following finale night, as previously reported by The Inquisitr) so any casting meetings with CBS are totally possible.

“Fun things coming from myself and this perfect human being,” Tyler captioned a photo of Angela on his Instagram story, “stay tuned.” He followed his writing with another globe emoji. This is perhaps the most important piece of evidence fans have found so far as the Hilton Head lifeguard is clearly hinting at some big news.

No matter what the couple ends up doing with their free time outside of the BB house, it’s clear that they have a deep connection for each other and could be one of the show’s newest long-term romances.

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