‘Big Brother 20’s’ Tyler Crispen Thinks He’s ‘The Biggest Idiot In The World’ For This One Game Move

Tyler Crispen admittedly played one of the best games in recent “Big Brother” history. With a final-two deal with almost every player and a powerhouse alliance, it seemed that nothing could go wrong for the lifeguard from Hilton Head. However, he ended up losing the half-million dollar grand prize to Kaycee Clark by a single vote. Kaycee Clark was a competition beast and well liked by her peers so her win wasn’t all too surprising and nobody is saying it wasn’t well-deserved. However, Tyler Crispen sat down with Hollywood Reporter, to explain his game and what he thinks was his most controversial move.

In the summer’s final and most important veto competition, Kaycee Clark came out victorious. The veto win granted her the power of the sole vote in the final four and when the time came, she chose to evict Angela Rummans (Tyler’s showmance and other Level 6 ally). Non-Level 6 member JC Monduix was immune from the chaotic week as he won the HOH competition.

The final four veto competition is always publicised as one of the most important competitions all summer and from the episode, it seemed that all the houseguests were dying to win it. Tyler and Kaycee had a solid final two deal from the very beginning of the game so perhaps it was lucky that Tyler didn’t have to choose between his ally or his girlfriend. However, Tyler has a shocking claim. He actually threw the competition.

Tyler said he knew he couldn’t “win that veto,” and when questioned further he admitted to purposefully losing the comp.

“Yeah I threw it. I’m the biggest idiot in the world for throwing the most important veto of the summer, but it worked. I could not make that choice. It was my best friend and the love of my life.”


It seems almost crazy that a powerhouse player like Tyler would ever throw such an important competition, but his logic seems sound (albeit, clouded a bit by emotion). Having to choose between Kaycee (his number one ally and friend in the game) and Angela (his girlfriend) would’ve been unbearable for the big-hearted lifeguard. His decision ultimately would’ve made a few enemies on the jury. If he had chosen to evict Kaycee, some jury members may knock him for not being loyal. If he had chosen to evict Angela, his romantic future with the fitness mode may have come to an abrupt end.

Tyler didn’t walk away totally empty-handed from the game. He won the title of America’s Favorite Houseguest and the $50,000 prize that came with it. And, of course, he got to keep his best friend and his girl. “This was the best summer of my life,” Crispen claims in the interview (and on his Instagram) and we believe him.


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