‘Big Brother 20’: Tyler Crispen Thought He Completely Blew Any Chance He Had With Angela Rummans Post-Game

This season of Big Brother was definitely one for the books. With surprising twists, insane eviction nights, and fierce gameplay it was really anybody’s game to win up until the very last jury vote was placed. But what about one of the season’s most lowkey showmances? Tyler Cripsen and Angela Rummans were officially confirmed as an item on Thursday night’s live finale by host, Julie Chen Moonves. But live-feed watchers know that the relationship seemed to be in trouble when Tyler was seen stressing out over his future with the model after her final-four eviction.

Tyler Crispen had a genuine final-two alliance with Kaycee Clark from day two. While Angela was a part of the Level 6 alliance, she ultimately was not Tyler’s truest ally. Tyler didn’t have to choose between Kaycee and Angela, though. In the final-four, Kaycee was the only one with a vote and since Tyler and Angela were on the block together, she chose to evict the model.

Following her eviction, Angela said she respected Tyler’s final two with Kaycee on a game-level but she wished he had done more to protect her feelings, Entertainment Weekly reports. Angela, who is a superfan of the game, didn’t seem to be truly heartbroken over Tyler’s deal with Kayce.

Tyler was seen on the live feeds just days later freaking out about his future with Angela. In the video, Tyler doesn’t understand what Angela could possibly see in him. He worries that his career as a lifeguard won’t be good enough for Angela who he views as a successful woman.

During the live finale, Julie Chen Moonves asked Tyler what he thought about his future with Angela. The lifeguard openly admitted that he wants lots of time with her and that he has real feelings for her. Angela agreed with the future runner-up. While the game only just ended yesterday, it seems that the two are going to be alright following the immediate aftermath of the season.

It seems that Angela may be able to look past the betrayal she momentarily felt from Tyler. In fact, she actually voted for Tyler to win the $500 thousand grand prize.

So while Swaggy C may have proposed to Bayleigh last night — causing houseguests to freak out — it seems that Tyler and Angela may actually be this season’s most notable sweethearts. Two strong players bonding through social isolation and extreme gameplay? Seems like a match made in heaven.

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