‘Big Brother 20’: A Look At The Summer’s Crazy Showmances

This summer, Big Brother 20 did what it needed to do. After the trainwreck of BB 19, fans and producers were itching to see how this season would turn out. Another catastrophic failure like last summer would have been debilitating for the show. Thankfully, for both Big Brother and for CBS, this season turned out to be very well-received.

With epic showmances and weekly power struggles, it seemed that this season was set up from the start to succeed. It does have one thing in common with BB 19, though. Both seasons have featured an extremely high number of “showmances” — that is, romantic flings that start inside the BB house.

During last night’s look-back episode, Jeff Schroeder prompted the three remaining houseguests to ponder the many showmances that graced reality television from the BB house this season.

So who was together? In this list, we’ll examine the lovebirds of Season 20. It’s worth noting that many players advise against starting a showmance in the house, as it usually paints a target on your back. That being said, not a single showmance made it to finale night together this year.

Three showmances were hyped up enough to be featured on-air. Out of these three, there is a ton of live-feed footage that backs up the love between these couples.

Faysal and Haleigh

In the first couple weeks o the game, Fessy made his feelings for Haleigh very clear. Haleigh immediately shut him down by saying it wasn’t a “good idea”. However, the two started smooching in the HOH room and the rest is history. Despite seeming very apparent to BB audiences, some of the houseguests were relatively clueless. Scottie, for example, admitted to Fessy that he had a huge crush on Haleigh. In the jury house, Scottie was scolded for doing so as that clearly made him a target to Fessy. Scottie, who said he didn’t know about Haleigh and Fessy, was admittedly shocked and flustered by the discovery. In the end, his own feelings were the catalyst for his first eviction.

Haleigh seems to have a sense of humor about the whole FOUTTE alliance. The alliance, which included her and Fessy, self-destructed mid-season and left the two lovebirds as the last two FOUTTE members standing. In a hilarious clip, Haleigh and Fessy lie in bed together as Haleigh exclaims, “we’re the worst players in Big Brother history.” In Haleigh’s goodbye message to Fessy, the blonde Texan shed some tears and looked genuinely heartbroken that her number two was being evicted.

Angela and Tyler

Watching Angela and Tyler throughout the season was incredible. The two helped lead Level 6 to its success and managed to keep their own personal matters out of the spotlight of the house — at least, for a little while. In footage from last night’s episode, it was made clear that Angela and Tyler have been flirting and snuggling long before their housemates caught on towards the end of the season. The Hilton Head couple has admitted to being in love with each other. Tyler made his love for the fitness model abundantly clear in his goodbye message when he poured his heart out to the brunette bombshell.

Both players are superfans of BB which means they both knew how damaging a showmance could be. In earlier episodes, the pair goes to great lengths to hide their showmance. However, nothing stays a secret in the BB house for long and houseguests (JC and Brett, mostly) figured it out.

Bayleigh and Swaggy C

Perhaps the shortest-lived showmance of the summer. Bayleigh and Swaggy C hit it off very quickly, and by the end of the first couple of weeks were kissing and cuddling. Despite Swaggy C’s early eviction, drama from the showmance followed Bayleigh. At one point, Bayleigh even thought she was pregnant with Swaggy C’s child, US Weekly reports.

Swaggy C, who was outside the house when news of Bayleigh’s possible pregnancy broke, tweeted in response.

Swaggy C met Bayleigh’s family outside of the house while she was still playing. Bayleigh was over the moon when she found out following her eviction. The couple has high hopes for their future together.

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