‘Big Brother 20’: Kaycee Clark Admits How Hard It Was To Evict Angela

Last Thursday saw the eviction of Angela Rummans on Big Brother Season 20. The model was evicted by her best girlfriend in the house, Kaycee Clark, who she ran with in the “Level 6” alliance from the first week spent together in the house. Kaycee was forced to choose between Tyler Crispen and Angela — and chose the former, due to a final two deal she struck with Tyler at the beginning of the season.

Despite knowing the move she had to make, Kaycee explained in Sunday night’s episode just how hard it was to send her friend packing. Big Brother Network documented the footballer’s feelings.

“Having to personally evict Angela out of this house was a horrible, horrible feeling. She has been one of my best friends since the very beginning, but it feels amazing to be in the top three,” she said in the diary room.

Angela had her own thoughts on Kaycee’s choice to evict her, and it seemed like the model understood just why Kaycee did what she did.

“I understand Kaycee’s logic behind her decision. She had a final two that she formed with Tyler before Level 6 was even born. I understand her logic. I am not going to say she should have kept me over Tyler because I think we were pretty equal and were both pretty bloody. We both made a lot of moves and got a lot of blood on our hands. I think it was a pretty equal decision when thinking about who she wanted to sit next to in the final two. It is a game, so I have no hurt feelings,” she told Entertainment Weekly.

The two women had been extremely close in the house all season long and remained loyal to one another — until Thursday’s eviction. At the beginning of the season, it appeared that Angela and Rachel Swindler were going to be ride-or-die besties, but Kaycee and Angela formed a bond that couldn’t be broken — until there was no other option left on the table.

While Angela may not be upset with Kaycee for having evicted her, she appears to have some negative thoughts regarding her showmance partner Tyler. As the Inquisitr reported earlier this week, Angela admitted that she was hurt by Tyler’s final two deal with Kaycee — and the fact that she was left in the dark. Whether the couple can make their relationship work outside of the Big Brother house after Angela learned the news remains to be seen.

The finale of Big Brother Season 20 will air this Wednesday at 9:30 p.m. EST on CBS.

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