‘Big Brother’ Showmance Couple Tyler And Angela Declare Their Love For One Another

Warning: This article contains potential spoilers for Big Brother Season 20.

Things can get pretty intimate in the Big Brother house when you’re stuck without any access to the outside world. That’s why it comes as no surprise as almost every single season of the hit reality series sees a showmance blossom. That’s just what happened between Angela Rummans and Tyler Cripsen, two of this season’s most powerful players. Angela and Tyler’s romance didn’t play out on screen till after halfway through the season and the couple has been trying feverishly to keep their romance a secret from the rest of their houseguests.

Now it appears as if the couple has declared their love for one another according to the live feeds, and confirmed by Us Weekly. It wasn’t a simple exchange of “I Love You’s” but both admitted to being in love with one another. Their declaration happened on Thursday, September 13 and had fans shaken online. Some were cheering the showmance while others were rolling their eyes.

Angela started the exchange by saying “I’m in love with you.”

To which Tyler replied, “I can’t believe we have the same secret.”

Angela then chuckled, “I can’t believe that just came out of my mouth.”

The happy couple both hail from Hilton Head, South Carolina and have a solid chance of having their relationship work off screen. Many Big Brother showmances flourish in the house but fizzle out once the reality of the real world sets in. Some couples get together after leaving the house, just like the case of Nicole Franzel and Victor Arroyo who recently got engaged on an episode of Season 20. Nicole was in a showmance with Corey Brooks during her season and was just friendly with Victor until things changed outside of the game.

While some fans thought the exchange was adorable, others believe it’s just another game move from Angela.

“Angela is smart. She knows Tyler will be top 2 either with her or Kaycee. Either way, chances are higher of Tyler winning so she’s trying really hard to have Tyler fall in love with her. Then take his [money emoji],” one fan tweeted.

Big Brother has changed its schedule timing for this week with two evictions set to play out. Catch the CBS show when it hits the air Sunday and Wednesday for the first eviction at 8 p.m. EST, and Thursday for the second eviction at 9 p.m. EST.

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