‘Big Brother 20’s’ Angela Rummans Fires Back At Scottie Salton’s Smutty Eviction Speech, Calls It ‘Slander’

Big Brother evictee Scottie Salton left the CBS summertime house with a bang, but the other houseguests are still feeling the aftershocks of his exit. After the Chicago shipping manager delivered a crude eviction speech that had to be censored on the live CBS broadcast, his former housemates spoke out about his behavior and his apparent attack on Tyler Crispen’s showmance.

Moments before his eviction, Salton called out Crispen, this week’s Head of Household who nominated him for the chopping block, but the audio cut out twice during his speech. What could clearly be heard was Scottie telling his housemates that they can all “suck it.” He then added a disclaimer for Crispen, which was ultimately bleeped out by CBS. Viewers of the live show saw the stunned reactions of the Big Brother houseguests before Salton was evicted by a unanimous vote.

According to TooFab, the other houseguests revealed that Scottie said on the show’s live feeds.

“I think you all know the right move and the smart move and I hope that you make it. If you don’t then you can suck it, except for Tyler because he’s already getting a steady diet of that Hilton Head.”

Crispen and his showmance, Angela Rummans, are both from Hilton Head, South Carolina, but many fans feel Scottie Salton used the name of the resort town as a sexual pun to allude that the couple has been engaged in sexual acts while in the Big Brother house. While Angela was not called out by name, some Big Brother fans believe Salton slut-shamed her on live TV, even though her relationship with Crispen has thus far been pretty tame.

According to tweets posted by spoiler site Big Brother Daily, Angela Rummans admitted she didn’t understand Scottie’s joke at first, but when she did she became very upset, revealing she was “livid” and her “blood was boiling.”

“I was about to start crying. I was so offended,’ Rummans reportedly said on the CBS live feeds.

Crispen revealed he “didn’t want to act too mad,” but agreed that what Scottie said was inappropriate.

“That was so f—ed up. That’s like slander,” Angela Rummans said.

Rummans, who works as a fitness model for some high-profile clients, also appeared to be worried about whether or not Scottie’s complete crude statement aired on the live broadcast. The houseguests don’t know that it was bleeped out, but Crispen assured her that Big Brother production told him not to worry about it or react to it.

The angry Big Brother houseguests all agreed that Scottie Salton shouldn’t have said such a thing on national television, and some of them began to question his claim that he has never kissed a girl and is still a virgin at age 26. Big Brother houseguest Brett Robinson said, “He is way too dirty,” while Angela Rummans added, “The glasses, the virginity, it’s all bullish-t. ”

In his exit interview with CBS host Julie Chen, Salton revealed he thinks he was evicted from the Big Brother house (for a second time!) because he was “unpredictable” and the other houseguests “just don’t know what to do” with him. Still, Scottie added that he was actually “so tame” the entire time he was in the Big Brother house and that there were times he would have “loved to have popped off.”

Big Brother airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays on CBS.

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