Halle Berry Teases Prince Harry For Having A Poster Of Her In His Dorm Room

Mizuki Hisaka

Prince Harry couldn't resist Halle Berry's beauty back when he was at boarding school during his high-school years. Little did he realize that decades later, Halle herself would notice that he had a poster of her in his room. She sent out a shout-out to Harry today on Twitter, saying "Ok #PrinceHarry, I see you!"

The photo that Halle was referring to was a series of pictures from Harry's dorm room at Eton College, according to People. Although it's hard to see at first, Halle's sexy picture is hidden in plain sight. The photo shows Harry lounging on a leather chair that's set between a study desk and a dresser. Right behind him is a staple for most college dorm rooms: a tapestry. The tapestry is very colorful with many patterns. But if you look closely, there's a photo of Halle Berry that's been cut out and taped right in the middle. Halle's sitting in the picture, with short hair and wearing a tight red dress.

This was back when Prince Harry was just 18 years old. Photos from the same day show Harry sitting at his study desk, with a black-and-white photo of Princess Diana and a white lamp. Another picture shows Harry sitting on the kitchen counter as he grabs a piece of toast from a toaster. His outfit is pretty nice, too, a white shirt with a black vest and a white bow-tie, which was the school uniform at the time. He also wore two bracelets from Africa.

There are several other photos showing Harry wearing the paint-stained apron, as he reportedly studied art during his time at Eton, described W Magazine. More than anything, the pictures show a very young Harry with a somewhat disheveled hairstyle that's not surprising for any 18-year-old.