‘Big Brother 20’ Week 9 Spoilers: Nominees For Eviction Revealed

Warning: This article contains spoilers for Big Brother Season 20.

Week 9 of Big Brother Season 20 is in full swing, and after a new Head of Household was crowned Thursday night, two nominees were placed on the block in less than 24 hours. As the Inquisitr previously reported, Angela Rummans walked away as the Week 9 HOH, making her the first houseguest in Season 20 to hold the title twice.

As a founding member of the “Level 6” alliance, Angela’s choices for nominees this week were slim. The fitness model was left to choose between Sam Bledsoe, JC Mounduix, Haleigh Broucher, and Faysal Shafaat. Angela and Tyler Crispen entered into a fake alliance with Haleigh and Faysal last week, with absolutely no intention of remaining loyal to their new friends.

According to Big Brother Network, Angela had to shake up her fake alliance plan sooner than she intended, and ended up nominating Haleigh and Faysal for eviction. Before nominations, Angela was mostly leaning toward putting up the last remaining members of “The Hive,” and didn’t show much interest in throwing JC or Sam on the block. Sam’s name was mentioned briefly among “Level 6” members as a nominee, but Angela knew the bigger targets were Faysal and Haleigh.

Big Brother Network spoilers also documented that Faysal is the real target this week, as Angela and the rest of her alliance are hoping anyone (including Haleigh) wins the Veto over him. Angela even suggested throwing the Veto Competition to Haleigh so she could pull herself off the block ensuring that Faysal would go home. Kaycee Clark didn’t agree too much with the idea, suggesting that they just ensure Faysal doesn’t win instead of throwing the competition to someone.

Alongside Faysal, Haleigh, and Angela, JC, Kaycee, and Sam were chosen to play in the Veto Competition today to which live feed viewers are still awaiting the results. Haleigh pulled the “Houseguests Choice” chip during the Veto meeting and chose Sam to the surprise of all the houseguests. Sam and Haleigh have not gotten along most of the season, especially since Week 4 where Sam nominated the 21-year-old for not liking how she behaved around the men in the house.

Stay tuned with the Inquisitr to see who wins the Week 9 Power of Veto, and if the winner decides to shake up the nominations.

Big Brother airs every Sunday night at 8 p.m. EST, and every Wednesday and Thursday night at 9 p.m. EST on CBS.

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