‘Big Brother’ Host Julie Chen Says ‘Mean Girl’ Season 20 Houseguest Needs To Grow Up

Big Brother host Julie Chen has seen it all after hosting 20 seasons of the CBS reality show, but even she is surprised by some of the blatantly mean behavior displayed by some of the houseguests this summer. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Chen revealed why she thinks Season 20 houseguest Angela Rummans left harsh goodbye messages for several evicted houseguests—even jury member Angie “Rockstar” Lantry, who will help decide the winner of the Big Brother grand prize next month.

Chen said that while trash talking a juror isn’t the smartest Big Brother strategy, she believes Rummans is truly an unhappy person.

“I think with Angela, she’s just a mean girl but doesn’t even realize it. She’s probably just a truly unhappy person, which is sad. I don’t think her petty, mean comments towards Rockstar were really about Rockstar; it was about her own unhappiness with who she is or where she’s currently at in life. I think she just needs to grow up.”

Julie Chen’s comments come after Rummans’ goodbye message to Rockstar was so mean that Big Brother producers reportedly asked her if she wanted to redo it. Rummans chose to leave her original message as she originally recorded it, according to Gold Derby.

After her eviction, Rockstar told Entertainment Weekly the mean message only confirmed that her initial impression of “entitled” Angela was correct.

“Like I was not wrong. She totally hair-flipped through that entire house She carried herself like a princess through the entire house.”

Rockstar isn’t the only person who Rummans has burned a bridge with. In one of the biggest blows of the season, Rummans slammed her Big Brother bestie and alliance member, Rachel Swindler, in a brutal goodbye message shortly after making a Final Two deal with her.

“Our final two deal is about as irrelevant as you were week two,” Rummans told her former friend.

Swindler, later told Entertainment Weekly Radio she trusted the “wrong person” when she made a deal with Rummans.

“I trusted Angela and she backstabbed me,” Swindler said. “I don’t really have [many] nice things to say about Angela. I really can’t wait until finale night because I will definitely be giving her a piece of my mind. It’s a game and I guess she’s just a nasty person inside.”

You can see Angela Rummans’ goodbye message to her ex-friend Rachel Swindler below.

Big Brother airs Sundays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays on CBS.

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