‘Big Brother’ Season 20: ‘Angela’s Mustache’ Takes Twitter By Storm

Big Brother fans are zeroing in on this week’s Head of Household, and it’s not pretty. Angela Rummans, this week’s Head of Household who took back her HOH reign after the Big Brother hacker competition threatened to thwart it, is being unfairly slammed online for her appearance. The 26-year-old fitness model has been called out by Big Brother fans for her “mustache.”

Up until this week, Angela Rummans had very little screen time on the CBS reality show. In fact, both Angela and fellow Big Brother houseguest Kaycee Clark have been dubbed “furniture” by Big Brother fans due to their lack of gameplay. But that all changed when Angela won the Head of Household competition, scoring her a lot more airtime and Diary Room sessions. That’s when fans began criticizing her appearance despite the fact that she’s a super fit model with a pretty face.

Angela’s head got a little too big this week as she demanded her HOH back after a hacker twist threatened to sabotage it. When she won the Power of Veto after begging Tyler Crispen to throw it to her, Angela announced that she knew who the mystery hacker was all along, and then she put her up on the block. Unfortunately, Angela called out the wrong person—Bayleigh Dayton—which makes her look pretty foolish, considering the hacker is Hayleigh Broucher. But Angela did get to put her plan to backdoor Bayleigh into motion one week after she stabbed her alliance member, Rachel Swindler, in the back.

After a rollercoaster HOH week, Big Brother fans, including show legend Janelle Pierzina, took to Twitter to comment on Angela’s power trip and, unfortunately, her upper lip. A Twitter handle dedicated to Angela’s Mustache was even created. You can see some of the mean tweets about Angela below.

Some Big Brother fans chimed in to defend Angela Rummans from the social media bashing. A few fans noted that the lighting in the Diary Room could be too blame. Others said Angela may have melasma or hyperpigmentation after spending so much time out in the sun in the Big Brother backyard.

There’s no doubt it’s hard being constantly under the microscope as a Big Brother houseguest. Contestants on the CBS reality show are sometimes bullied on social media and unfairly critiqued for their every move. In the real world, Angela Rummans works as a model and has an impressive modeling portfolio, so it’s surprising that people would target her looks.

Big Brother airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays on CBS.

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