‘Big Brother 20’ Week 6 Spoilers: Veto Ceremony Takes Place, Nominations Shaken Up

Warning: This article contains spoilers for Big Brother Season 20.

The Veto Ceremony for Week 6 of Big Brother Season 20 has taken place, and nominations were shaken up, to say the least. As the Inquisitr previously reported, Head of Household Angela Rummans walked away with the Power of Veto this week, putting all the power back in her hands.

Nominations were already shaken up when Haleigh Broucher won the Hacker Competition and removed Scottie Salton from the block and replaced him with Tyler Cripsen. Angela’s initial nominations were changed without her consent, but after winning the POV she was in full control of Week 6 again.

After the Veto ceremony took place this morning, it was revealed on the live feeds that Angela had removed Tyler from the block and replaced him with Bayleigh Dayton. This came as no surprise to live feeders who were privy to Angela’s backdoor plan for Bayleigh for several days now. Attention moved off Scottie and Angie “Rockstar” Lantry who was also placed on the block after Scottie revealed Bayleigh made him swear on the bible over gameplay.

This didn’t sit well with Angela who found Bayleigh’s tactics disturbing and saw her shot to take out the flight attendant this week. Bayleigh’s power also made Angela’s decision easier, as she and her “Level 6” alliance wanted to get rid of her before she was able to use it. Bayleigh is able to change an HOH’s nominations before a ceremony takes place, basically nullifying all the power the HOH holds.

Bayleigh Dayton of BB20

Bayleigh was shocked at her placement on the block and spared many tears in the hours after the backdoor plan was revealed to her. She has been going through the house speaking with most of the houseguests individually expressing her frustration over the situation and constantly swearing she is not the hacker which most of the “Level 6” alliance believes, namely Tyler. Haleigh is continuing to deny that she is the hacker even after engaging in several conversations with Bayleigh over who the mysterious player could be.

The eviction ceremony will take place live this Thursday at 9 p.m. EST, and for now, it’s still in the air who will be going home between Bayleigh and Rockstar. “Level 6” will more than likely stick to the backdoor plan, but “The Hive” will have to choose between which of their alliance members they want to keep. Haleigh also has the power to nullify one vote at the ceremony, which could be a moot point with two of her friends on the block.

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