‘Big Brother’ Evictee Rachel Swindler Says Former Friend Angela Is ‘Nasty,’ Teases Finale Night Fireworks

Big Brother had the “bros,” but the sisters… not so much. After 29-year-old houseguest Rachel Swindler was evicted from the CBS summertime house by a vote of 5-4, she was shocked to find that her friend and alliance member Angela Rummans cast a vote against her. Swindler wasted no time in saying goodbye to her housemates. (No, really, she didn’t say goodbye.) The stunned Vegas entertainer went on to one of the angriest post-eviction chats ever with host Julie Chen—at one point the Big Brother host had to ask her not to curse—after realizing she was backstabbed by most of her Level 6 alliance and her Big Brother best friend.

Rachel Swindler admitted to Julie Chen that one of her biggest mistakes was confiding in Angela and making a final two deal with her.

“She double-crossed me. I can’t believe that. Wow! What’s wrong with Angela?! She wasn’t really my friend?” Swindler said.

In a post-eviction interview with Entertainment Weekly Radio, Rachel Swindler revealed she wished she had known who had voted against her so she could have “thrown all of their games under the bus” before bolting out the door.

“I trusted the wrong person. I trusted Angela and she backstabbed me. I needed a ride or die in the game and I thought she was that person for me and she wasn’t. I was trying to look out for her with this freakin’ power thing too! And she took advantage of that.”

Swindler also weighed in on Angela Rummans’ harsh goodbye message to her, which Julie Chen played for her after the eviction announcement. In one of the biggest blows to Rachel, her former friend said, “Our final two deal is about as irrelevant as you were week two.” Now, Rachel has big plans for the Big Brother finale in September when she will come face-to-face with her former Level 6 alliance and her backstabbing ex-bestie.

I don’t really have [many] nice things to say about Angela. I really can’t wait until finale night because I will definitely be giving her a piece of my mind. Whatever. It’s a game and I guess she’s just a nasty person inside, and I didn’t expect that from her…I have nothing to say about Angela. She’s irrelevant herself. She walks around the house, does nothing, sleeps all the time, is lazy and whatever. I’m going to be the better person and not talk s— on her right now. But I’ve got a whole speech ready for finale night!”

Swindler admitted that she doesn’t know why Angela Rummans turned on her the way she did. The evicted Big Brother star said she truly believed that Angela was working with her “100% and we were a team together” and she had hopes for an all-female final two.

“I saw Angela and I was like, she’s a beautiful woman and I’m a beautiful girl. You never see this in Big Brother where the two strong, beautiful women team together and it actually works, and I really, really wanted that to the end of this game. And it didn’t happen. And she showed her true colors and that’s the type of person she is. And I hope when she gets out of here that she gets exactly what’s coming to her.”

Big Brother fans know that pawns go home a lot, and that is what happened to Rachel Swindler when she was sent packing instead of HOH Bayleigh Dayton’s target, Brett Robinson. But after the ultimate Big Brother betrayal by her double-crossing ride-or-die, the snarky goodbye message was the salt in the wound.

“Angela is clearly not the person I thought she was,” Swindler said the day after her eviction, according to the Toronto Sun. “She came off to be very kind-hearted. She is a bit cold, but I thought that we had a great relationship. I thought I had found my ride or die in the game and I was happy about that, but clearly, I hadn’t. I’m a very trusting person to a fault. I clearly was taken advantage of. My thoughts on Angela are not good and I can’t wait to see her on finale night.”

CBS censors may want to be on alert!

You can see Rachel swindler’s emotional Big Brother exit interview with Julie Chen below.


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