‘Big Brother 20’ Week 5 Spoilers: Two Best Friends Have Falling Out Over A Misunderstanding

Friendships come and go in the Big Brother house, and most of the time the destruction of a bond is caused by paranoia or just a flat out lie. This time around, it’s both. Angela Rummans and Rachel Swindler have been inseparable since day one in the house, both being founding members of the “Level 6” alliance. The two beauties were always seen lying around in beds together or tanning on the infamous Big Brother hammock, but it seems like things have come crumbling down for no reason whatsoever.

Things started going south for the girls this past week when the new Head of Household was crowned. As the Inquisitr previously reported, Bayleigh Dayton was crowned HOH in Week 5, and placed Rachel and Brett Robinson on the block, with Tyler Crispin later winning the Power of Veto. Despite it being clear that Brett was the target, Rachel’s paranoia set in which began to annoy many of her fellow houseguests.

Shortly after nominations, the Big Brother live feeds Twitter account began documenting unusual conversations between Angela, Brett, and Tyler. Angela expressed her current disdain for her former bestie and fans were confused at the girl’s break-up. Even Big Brother 19 alum Jessica Graf was confused about why the women were no longer close.

Rachel Swindler (L) and Angela Rummans (R)

“Can someone please explain the Angela and Rachel fall out for me please?” she tweeted.

Fans were quick to let her know just what happened. A Big Brother fan explained it to Jessica over several tweets, which also matched up with conversations documented from the live feeds on the Twitter timeline.

“Rachel came and freaked out Angela BC bayleigh told her that Tyler said the only way he’d use the veto is if Angela is the replacement (break up girl duo) but that was a lie and it really doesn’t make sense. So Rachel is spiraling BC she thinks Tyler is after her,” the fan explained in a tweet.

After discussing this with Kaycee Clark, Angela and her other “Level 6” alliance member realized Rachel’s story didn’t make any sense which led them to the conclusion that Rachel had lied about Tyler and Bayleigh’s replacement nominee plans. This led to the break-up between the two women, all of which was based off a lie by Tyler and a game of telephone gone wrong.

Now that Rachel is completely paranoid in the house, she has painted a target on her back causing the house to wonder if she is the better option for eviction. Brett has a more level-head in the game, which is more beneficial to his “Level 6” alliance members.

The Power of Veto ceremony will take place tomorrow in real time, with the live eviction following on Thursday night.

Big Brother airs this Wednesday and Thursday at 9 p.m. EST on CBS.

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