Penn State University: ‘Report Any And All Illegal Aliens’

Penn State University is receiving provoked anger as posters were found on the bulletin board stating, “Report any and all illegal aliens.” Penn State officials are responding to this offensive message, WJAC TV reports.

The poster was first noticed on the university’s bulletin board last week.

“It is your civic duty to report any and all illegal aliens. They have broken the law.”

The university has removed all posters and called them “deeply offensive” during a statement by a Penn State University spokesperson, reveals.

“​The posters are unsigned and appear to be designed to provoke anger, fear and hate​.”

Penn State president Eric Barron revealed that this new development, following the recent travel ban, has been extremely difficult for everyone, including the facility and the international students.

“These recent developments affect not only our international students and faculty, but also every one of us.”

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Following the travel ban, Barron advised all students, who are non-U.S. citizens, to carry proof of immigration status. Further, he advised them not to leave the country, if at all possible, due to the current circumstances.

Witold Walczak, the legal director for the ACLU, decided to make his voice heard when he found out that Penn State was originally not going to remove all offensive anti-immigrant posters. Walczak mentioned that it’s not only the offensive posters, but the whole anti-immigrant climate we are currently in right now.

“You generate fear and cause people to be suspicious of, and antagonistic to, people because they look and sound different.”

The student newspaper revealed that the images of the posters were floating around social media earlier in the week.

Penn State confirmed that each and every student at the university has earned their right into the college.

“Every student on this campus has earned the right to be here based on their academic qualifications and hard work​. Penn State is enriched by students and scholars from around the world and we will continue our work on providing a climate of inclusion for all, regardless of country of origin​.”

Certainly, it is not the time to be causing more havoc than there already is concerning the new immigration laws that Trump is pursuing. As of right now, President Trump’s travel ban has been overruled, but for how long, nobody really knows.

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According to a recent article by Inquisitr, President Trump is considering alternative options to help push the travel ban through. While his travel ban is not meant to threaten any legal immigrant in our country, many have been upset and fear that they will be ripped from their homes and sent to their original country of origin.

Although it has been difficult for people to grasp the idea that Trump does not want that to happen, he simply wants to impose a temporary travel ban for illegal immigrants and refugees from seven countries, which have always been a security risk to America.

As far as international students from Penn State University goes, they should have nothing to worry about, as it doesn’t appear that the travel ban is going to take affect any time soon.

Penn State University has taken the necessary efforts to remove all anti-immigrant posters. It is not known who is behind the offensive posters, as they are unsigned and nobody has come forward with any information.

If you, or anyone you know has any information regarding who is behind the anti-immigration posters, please stand up for your fellow students and say something. While Penn State has mentioned that they support their students right of free speech, this type of message was meant to be offensive.

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