Burglar Stabbed After Breaking Into Osceola Mills Home

The night didn’t go quite as planned for one burglar, who was stabbed after breaking into an Osceola Mills home, WJACTV reports.

On Friday night, a 46-year-old man forced himself into a home and attempted to assault the residents with a torque wrench. What he didn’t expect was someone was going to get the best of him. As he was threatening the family, someone stabbed him in his left arm and stomach.

The man fled the home and went to a nearby Minimart. An employee noticed the man and quickly aided him until an emergency crew arrived. The burglar was taken to UPMC Altoona and is said to be in fair condition.

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How did the man explain his injuries? According to a statement by the police, the man told the employee that he and his son were involved in a domestic dispute when his son stabbed him.

“An employee was outside cleaning the sidewalk when he pulled in the parking lot, asking for 911. The man driving the pickup truck said he had been stabbed by his son during a domestic dispute.”

It has not yet been revealed whether any charges have or will be filed, but the police did reveal that the man was under the influence of a controlled substance at the time of the crime.

This was not the first time a burglar was stabbed during a break-in. Recently, a man was stabbed to death during a burglary in New York, Syracuse reports. Two men and one woman forced their way into a Trumansburg residence last Saturday, but it took a turn for the worst for one of the burglars.

Patrick R. Mutter, Jennifer L. Ecker, and Gregory S. Fish made their way into the Tompkins County apartment. They were immediately confronted by a resident and a fight broke out. Around 1:46 p.m., Mutter was stabbed by the resident.

When emergency crews arrived, Mutter was laying on the floor unresponsive and with stab wounds. He was pronounced dead at the scene. Fish and Ecker were arrested and charged with second-degree burglary. They were taken to Tompkins County Jail with required bond of $50,000 or $25,000 cash.

The investigation remains open, and so far, no homicide charges have been filed. It was revealed that Fish knew the resident of the home that they broke into. Ecker claimed that she “vaguely” knew him, while Mutter allegedly did not know the resident at all.

According to CBS Pittsburgh, PA has what’s known as the Castle Doctrine Law with a “stand your ground” provision, which allows a person to use deadly force if he or she feels that an intruder is a threat, such as serious bodily injury, sexual assault, kidnapping, or death.

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Some other “stand your ground” states are Florida, Alabama, Kansas, Kentucky, Arizona, Georgia, Alaska, Indiana, Michigan, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Nevada, Montana, Oklahoma, Utah, Texas, West Virginia, and New Hampshire.

According to Find Law, other states have Castle Doctrine Laws, which is slightly different than “stand your ground.” Other states have “a duty to retreat.” What exactly does it mean, a duty to retreat? A duty to retreat means that a person must first take any possible necessary action to avoid the risk of harm or death before using deadly force. If a person does not have this option, then he or she can use deadly force with the self-defense law.

The state of New York requires a person to retreat, if possible. Should the man who used deadly force against Mutter receive punishment? According to About News, as long as the resident wasn’t the initial aggressor, he or she has the right to use deadly force, as long as retreating isn’t possible. Unfortunately, the New York law leaves a lot open to interpretation, which could go either way for the resident responsible for stabbing Mutter.

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