Johnstown Woman Dies Of Hypothermia: PA Woman Falls In Home, Freezes To Death

A Johnstown woman has died of hypothermia after falling in her home. The Pennsylvania woman froze to death, WJACTV reports.

Coroner Jeff Lees was called to a Central Avenue home in Johnstown, Cambria County, Pennsylvania, on Friday night. Sixty-year-old Camilla Farren was found dead inside her home after what Lees believes occurred as a result of a fall caused by a cardiac event.

When Farren fell, she likely hit her head, became unconscious, and was unable to get help for herself. Further, Lee revealed that at some point, Farren’s furnace malfunctioned, likely causing her to freeze to death.

The woman’s body was found shortly after midnight. According to the Tribune-Democrat, Farren’s body was found approximately 36 hours after she died.

That night, temperatures fell into single digits. Lee asks the public to take precautions during these cold days and nights, and to check on people, especially the elderly.

“With the recent weather we’ve been experiencing, I’m asking people to keep an eye out for their neighbors, especially the elderly.”

Farren’s death does not look suspicious, and is ruled as accidental. The Johnstown police, as well as fire personnel, helped with the investigation.

Live Science has revealed three great options for the elderly to choose from in regards to medical alert systems. If you live by yourself, or are ever alone, consider one of these options.

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Medical Guardian is the number one choice. There are no long-term contracts, and no cancellation fees or activation feels associated with this device. You can be as far as 1,300 feet from the console and still be protected. The button can be worn on your neck, belt, pocket, or wrist.

Medical Guardian offers a system that can be used in your home with a landline phone, or one that can be used with a cellular device using a GPS system. The device has fall-detection technology, which means that it will call for help if it detects a fall. The battery life of this device will last up to 36 hours.

Further, the Medical Guardian device detects extreme temperatures, immediately notifying for help in case of a fire. The only con about this device is that it does not detect carbon monoxide or smoke monitoring, but overall, it creates a great peace of mind in case an emergency arises.

The second recommendation by Live Science is LifeFone. LifeFone offers a device that reaches approximately 480 feet, but for those who need to cover a larger area, they can get the base model, which reaches 1,000 feet.

The company offers a lifebox, as well as large buttons that can be attached to the walls of places, such as the hallway or the bathroom. This device offers smoke and carbon monoxide monitoring. With an upgrade, this device will also detect falls. LifeFone also offers options to connect to a home phone or cellular phone.

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LifeFone does require a contract, but does not have an activation fee or any cancellation fees. Contracts can be monthly, quarterly, or annually, and refunds will be provided to LifeFone customers with unused time after cancellation.

The third recommendation is the Bay Alarm Medical System. This device will allow you to be as far as 1,000 feet from the console with protection. The button is waterproof and can be worn on a belt, as a necklace, or as a wristband. For an additional monthly fee, the Bay Alarm Medical device will detect carbon monoxide and smoke. Fall detection is another added benefit with an additional monthly fee.

The Bay Alarm Medical System has a battery life of 32 hours and works with a landline phone to call for help when needed. This system can be used with a landline or with a cellular device for people without landlines. A lockbox is included with a one-time setup fee.

This device does not require a long-term contract, and customers can cancel at any time.

Well, there you have it. Keep yourself and your loved ones safe, especially during these cold winter months.

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