‘The Walking Dead’ Season 7 Rumors: Will Dwight Turn Against The Saviors To Help Rick’s Group Defeat Negan?

Rumors are flying with the second half of Season 7 of The Walking Dead set to premier in just one month. Will Dwight turn against the Saviors to help Rick’s Group defeat Negan? Undead Walking is questioning this theory.

Although Dwight has remained loyal to Negan ever since he had his wife stolen and his face burned with an iron, Undead Walking seems to think that certain signs show that Dwight could possibly turn on Negan any day.

It is obvious that Dwight still loves his wife, Sherry, who decided to give herself to Negan in return for Dwight’s life. Dwight seems to live with his decision to stay with the Saviors, but not because he wants to, but because he thinks that he doesn’t have a choice if he wants to live.

Another very obvious sign that Dwight is unhappy is how he tries to talk Darryl into resigning his fate and become one of the Saviors. Undead Walking seems to think that Dwight believes that Darryl must follow the same fate as he did because that’s the only way.

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What Dwight may not know right now is that Alexandria may be his way out. Perhaps Dwight will see Rick and his group gearing up to fight Negan and the Saviors. Maybe the group will ask Dwight to help them fight. After all, he would be an excellent resource since he would be able to provide the group with valuable information to help them win the fight.

As an insider, Dwight would be able to find out just how many soldiers the Saviors have. Not only that, but he would be able to find out how many weapons they have, information on the Saviors position, as well as the Saviors plans.

Now, Dwight likely thinks that Negan is invincible, but maybe Rick and the gang will be able to convince him that he isn’t. Don’t you think that Dwight would like to have his life back? Don’t you think that he would do anything to not live under Negan’s strict rules anymore and to have his wife back?

Of course, Dwight does have a good taste of Negan’s punishment for disobeying him, but he may think that the risk will be worth it in the end. Although it seems as if Dwight and Darryl have a grudge against each other, they seem to have what Undead Walking calls a “grudging respect” for each other. With that being said, it is possible that Darryl will open Dwight’s eyes to what he no longer thought was possible, and bring him to the other side.

On the other hand, Darryl certainly has some good reasons to hang on to his grudge against Dwight. After all, Dwight stole his crossbow, his bike, and killed Denise. Will Darryl be able to forgive and forget?

Now let’s take a look at what happens to Dwight in the comics.

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According to Walking Dead Wikia, Dwight eventually becomes fed up with Negan and his major disrespect towards him. Dwight travels to the Kingdom to talk with Ezekiel, Paul, and Rick. Dwight informs them that he will tell them everything they need to know about the Saviors and Negan. Rick is very skeptical that Dwight would help them, considering how loyal he has been to Negan.

After Dwight explains his back story to the group, he is finally able to convince Rick to form an alliance in order to take Negan down. He even offers to kill Negan himself.

“I’ll bring you that asshole’s head on a silver platter… and this nightmare will, at long last, be over.”

While Rick and the gang work on their plan to take Negan out, Dwight keeps a low profile inside the sanctuary.

Without saying anything further that could potentially spoil the second half of Season 7, do you think that Dwight will break his loyalty to Negan and help Rick’s group fight the Saviors? Stay tuned for the return of TWD on Sunday, February 12!

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