Tom Brady Gets Candid About What He Learned From Bill Belichick's Coaching

Tom Brady
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You can't talk about NFL history without mentioning Tom Brady's name more than a few times, and the same can be said of Bill Belichick.

Like it or not, their names and legacies will be tangled up forever. And even though their relationship didn't end on the best terms, there's no doubt that they were the most dominant duo in one of the most talented eras in NFL history.

Belichick Helped Him Set Standards

Recently, in the latest edition of the Let's Go! Podcast, Brady and Jim Gray discussed how Belichick shaped Tom's competitiveness and mindset. There, the seven-time Super Bowl champion was brutally honest about his thoughts about his former coach:

"And there's a very standard for perfection, that I want to see the game play that because I value the sport, I value the coordination of this incredible chess match has happened in the play within every play."

Some People Aren't Made For It

Brady thinks that more than all the film study and tactical expertise — which also plays a big part in the game — Belichick taught him how staying calm can take a team a long distance:

"I just feel like there's probably more Johnny Miller in me, where, you know, when I used to watch him on golf telecasts, it, you know, he would view was just scaping sometimes what that guy choked under pressure, whatever," Brady added.

It's Hard To Win In The NFL, Says Brady

Bill Belichick
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The biggest lesson he got from Belichick is just how tough it is to be consistent in this league. That's why he believes that his rivals will most likely always give him a shot to win:

"And that's essentially how I ended up seeing the game a lot now. So not that I want to be negative but I do want to point out and Belichick taught this to me a lot, you know, is you know, you and I said this to Jim, you know, it's hard to win a game in the NFL, there's more games lost in the NFL than they're won. If you don't screw it up, you got a great chance to win because most people do just mess it up," Brady concluded.

They Were An All-Time Great Duo

Belichick and Brady were one of the greatest duos in sports history. They won six Super Bowls in nine trips to the ultimate stage, putting together a dynasty that ruled the league for two decades.

So, maybe instead of arguing whether Brady made Belichick or vice versa, we should give both of them their flowers for setting the standard for greatness in this game.