Redditor Wonders If She's A Jerk For Not Allowing Her Daughter's Half-Sister To Spend Christmas With Them

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The magic of Christmas means a lot to millions of families all over the world, and the unique traditions attached to it makes the season even more enchanting. However, a little tweaking can either make or mar it, depending on how the Christmas lover handles things. It is also the season of love, and accommodating more people could make it a little more magical - or not. As the Christmas countdown narrows down to a few weeks, a Reddit user took to the AITA platform to share a recent incident that related to the coming yuletide.

The Redditor, with username, Christmas_Joy, was torn between sticking to her Christmas traditions and allowing her ex's daughter to join them after the former asked if the young girl could visit for Christmas. Her response to the request caused quite a stir between her and her ex, and now the Redditor is dealing with the aftermath. Here's her story:

The Redditor Co-parents With Her Ex-partner

reddit | user/Christmas_Joy231

reddit | u/Christmas_Joy231

The Redditor's Ex Makes A Request

According to the Reddit mom, her co-parenting arrangement with her ex is one such that their daughter visits his home and his new family from time to time. Since he remarried, the ex had welcomed another daughter who has a close relationship with her own daughter. The half-sisters loved each other although her ex's daughter never visited.

As this was the arrangement on the ground, the Redditor was shocked when her ex suddenly popped in one day and asked if his daughter could stay over with her and her child for Christmas. According to him, the girl's mom was battling cancer, and Christmas would be sort of bleak for them. He noted that he wanted his daughter to have a swell time, away from her mom's health issues. This did not sit right with the narrator who shared that she refused his request.

The Reddit user gave her reasons stating that her Christmas tradition could not be tweaked and she did not want to have the little girl over because she had never been there before. Her former partner insisted stating that his daughter was family by virtue of her half-sister. The mom then suggested that his daughter could stay with her grandparents, but he made it known that they were not in contact.

She further explained that at one point, her ex started going off as he called her cruel. He also teared up, begging her to let his daughter stay for Christmas. This made the Redditor uncomfortable and she asked him to leave. Later that day, he texted again to ask if his daughter could visit, but the Redditor's answer remained the same. He ended up calling her "selfish and unfeeling." Other Redditors gave their input:

OP Is NTA- The Child Isn't Familiar

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YTA- OP Shouldn't Have Rejected The Child

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NTA- The Dad Should Organzie A Special Christmas With His Daughter And Ailing Wife

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