'It Was Just A Weird Thing To Say": Tamra Judge On Vicki Gunvalson's Comments On Her RHOC Return

Tamra Judge
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Ashabi Azeez

After the Real Housewives Of Orange County showrunners decided Tamra Judge was certified to return, there have been mixed opinions on the decision. For one, Vicki Gunvalson expressed her thoughts, and he was nothing short of displeased. Now, Tamra has shared her thoughts on how Gunvalson reacted to the news of her return.

Tamra Is 'Lowkey pissed'

Tamra Judge
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While sharing her two cents on Judge's return to RHOC, Gunvalson has described her fellow housewife as someone who would "show her t**s" while she would not be willing to do the same. She referred to this as a possible reason for why the latter remained on the show. According to Reality Blurb, Tamra addressed her friend's comment in a recent episode of her Two T's in a Pod podcast. The reality personality relayed that she was "lowkey pissed" while adding:

"I think she was just being a matter of fact like, oh Tamra will show her t**s and I wont. So that's why she probably got hired... it was just a weird thing to say."

She Chose To Be Unbothered

Tamra Judge
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Speaking on Gunvalson's sentiments, Judge noted that she would not think much of it. She star noted that she would ignore it, although she was perplexed as to why Gunvalson stated such. The star shared that it was "not worth a fight," The TV star included:

"What am I gonna be like, ‘Really? That’s what you have to say,’ you know? She said it. It’s over with. You can’t take it back. OK? Note taken. You got to pick your battles with these things.” 

Tamra Experiences Career Updates

Tamra Judge
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Per Bravo, Tamra and her spouse Eddie Judge recently made some major changes in their careers. The duo, who was ten years in their CUT fitness studio business, closed the curtains on the venture. Leading up to the couple's big decision, Tamra made some Instagram posts hinting the end of an era in their business interest. She shared a photo of her spouse assisting on a weight machine, as she wrote in her caption:

"Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.” 

In another of her post, the star noted that it was 'a wild ride" before letting her spouse know that she loved him."

On her podcast, Tamra made sure to clarify that her decision to shut down the fitness studio had nothing to do with the return to RHOC. She added that she and her spouse had their business for ten years, and she was proud of what they built.

Inside Tamra's Career As A Bravo Housewife

Tamra Judge joined RHOC in its third season and raked in some of the most memorable moments. The star led a three-episode spin-off, Tamra's OC Wedding, which documented her 2013 wedding to Eddie. Following her exit in 2020, the star focused on her businesses and successful iHeartRadio podcast. The star also focused on being a mom to her four kids. Presently, she is ready to return to RHOC to reconnect with her fans and fellow stars.