NBA Rumors: Miami Heat Could Target Myles Turner In Duncan Robinson Trade

Myles Turner
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Ernesto Cova

Pat Riley and the Miami Heat have been tied to nearly every big name in the offseason.

From Kevin Durant to Donovan Mitchell, the Godfather wants to get another star alongside Jimmy Butler. He never hesitates to be uber-aggressive and clean house if that's what it takes to land a superstar.

Heat May Have To Settle

Myles Turner
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According to Bleacher Report's Zach Buckley, the Heat may have to turn their attention to a lesser target, as they may not have enough assets to land a bigger fish:

"As part of their annual whale hunts, the Heat have been aiming higher this summer with names like Kevin Durant and Donovan Mitchell firmly on their radar," wrote Buckley. "However, it's hard to see the assets lining up for either mega-swap, since Bam Adebayo is presumably untouchable, Tyler Herro isn't enough to anchor a blockbuster and their options are limited with draft picks."

Turner Would Make Them Better

Myles Turner
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In this case, the Heat could send Duncan Robinson, a 2023 first-round pick (top-three-protected), and a 2028 second-round pick in return for Turner. They'd get Robinson's deal off their books while landing one of the best rim protectors in the world:

"Turner, for instance, wouldn't cost an arm and a leg, but he could beef up the Heat's frontcourt and make this fourth-ranked defense even stingier, Buckley added.

They'd Be A Team To Look Out For

Jimmy Butler
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The Heat would now have enough defense to allow Tyler Herro to start and blossom as the explosive scorer he could become, and they'd have one of the best defensive frontcourts in the Association:

"The Heat would wind up playing jumbo ball with Turner, Adebayo and Jimmy Butler across the frontcourt, but that could be more than enough defensive protection to move Herro into the starting lineup," Buckley explained. "If Turner hit enough threes to keep defenses honest and attack lanes open, he might help this club strike the two-way balance it needs to complete a title run."

Turner Is Likely On His Way Out

Myles Turner
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Turner has been on the trade block for years and is admittedly numb to all the rumors. It's clear that the Pacers don't value him enough, and this package might be more than enough to see him free.

The Heat are just one piece away from being a threat to win it all out of the East. And while Myles Turner isn't Kevin Durant by any means, he might as well be just what they need.