Anna Kendrick Goofs Around In Paris In A Minidress

Anna Kendrick
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Anna Kendrick is an Oscar and Tony-award nominated actress who first made a name for herself in the teen series Twilight before moving on to more dramatic roles opposite the likes of George Clooney. Regarded as the cute and sassy friend in many roles, what cannot be denied is her star quality, her comedic timing, and her vocal prowess. Anna is truly one of those artists in Hollywood that can do it all, and as the year has gone by, she has only continued to impress the masses with her skill set!

Anna Kendrick In Paris

Looking lovely in a little black summer dress, Anna Kendrick is the cute and quirky best friend that has those "girl next door" vibes, but clearly knows that when it comes time to glam it up - she is on the case! Kendrick is making a funny pose with friends in front of the Eiffel Tower and giving her fans everything they need and then some.

The 37-year-old has been making a case for red carpet royalty these last few years, and her fans have noted that she has dramatically upped her style game recently and her 21.8 million followers on Instagram have the receipts to prove it! More interesting facts along the way!

About That Oscar Nomination

Anna Kendrick
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She may have first caught fame playing a friend of Bella Thorne in the Twilight series, but she quickly moved on to adult roles and earned an Oscar by doing so in Up in the Air, establishing herself as more than just a teen star and a serious contender for Oscar-heavy roles in the future. But that doesn't mean that she was not ribbed by her co-stars for starring in the series, with Clooney giving her a bit of tongue-in-cheek comments while on set!

Anna And President Barack Obama Had A Moment

Anna Kendrick
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In footage that went viral at the time, Anna was visiting The White House and had a moment with then-President Obama that had him laughing out loud. No one is sure what he said, but to this day, Kendrick proclaims it one of the best moments of her existence. Not bad at all, Anna!

Anna Is Hot Dog Famous!

Anna Kendrick
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She had a hot dog named after her at an eatery in Chicago called Hot Doug's, taking over the title from Britney Spears, Jennifer Garner, and Keira Knightley before her. What a concept and what a life!