Jessica Simpson Flashes Leg In Print Dress

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Triston Brewer

Jessica Simpson is a talented vocalist whose strong religious convictions, unwavering dedication, and approachable persona have quickly elevated her from a devout teen to a successful pop phenomenon. With two hit records under her belt and a solid fan base, the teenage singer-songwriter achieved a much sought-after spot among the top teen chart performers in 2001.

Not resting on her musical prowess, Simpson later branched out into fashion, where she has proven even greater success, currently at the helm of a billion-dollar empire that caters to women of all sizes and socio-economic levels.

At the end of the day, Jessica has proven all the skeptics wrong and has the last laugh. It is she that makes the moves, calls the shots, and wears the pants in the family these days! Girl power? No. Woman power!

Jessica Simpson, The Queen Of Prints

Who let the prints out?!

Jessica is one of the few celebrities who truly succeeded in designing apparel that people really want to own for reasons other than merely the brand associated with it. Her successful clothing brand generates around $1 billion annually in profit.

In one photo, Simpson styles up to perfection in a print dress that shows off her stunning legs and amazing curves. As a woman that has gone up and down with her weight, she is an inspiration to women everywhere that every size can be sexy! And with 6.1 million followers on Instagram checking out her every fashion move, Jessica knows how to keep them salivating for more content!

An Impressive Octave Range

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How quickly they forget how Jessica first made a name for herself! The girl can sing! Simpson is regarded as someone whose talent in the music business took her to the top of the pops. She was often compared to Mariah Carey early in her career and is said to have an impressive five-octave range.

Early Years

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Simpson was born on July 10th, 1980, in the upscale Dallas neighborhood of Richardson, Texas. The young southerner was raised with a strong sense of religion since her father was a youth pastor and a psychotherapist. Simpson's initial singing experiences were all in churches, where she performed in musicals and sang in the chorus.

Her Memoir Is More Revealing Than Many Realize!

jessica simpson
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Along with several other achievements, Jessica published a candid memoir titled Open Book this year. It nearly flew off the shelves, sending Jessica to the top of the New York Times Best-Sellers list. Jessica was both humbled and surprised by the news!