Brooke Wells Shows Off Her Incredible Physique In Outdoor Drill

Brooke Wells
instagram | brookewellss

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Looking fit and fabulous should be a motto for CrossFit Athlete Brooke Wells who flaunted her super-fit body in recent updates. The fast-rising athlete shared photos of her outdoor workout with her 1.7million followers on Instagram which earned her some mouth-watering likes and reactions. Scroll for pictures.

Outdoor Workout

Brooke Wells
instagram | brookewellss

No doubt one of the most rated athletes, the 26-year-old is a wellness person and one who is living in fitness Haven. In a post she made on Instagram during one of her outdoor exercises, she wore grey-colored sportswear on dark green shorts which kept her upper body and sculpted abs on display.

Her blonde hair was packed in a bun style while she did a headstand. In another slide, she was running while blasting calories in her workout sessions. These workout pictures captured the hearts of many of her followers as they rewarded her with 19,353 likes and still counting; while some sent out fire and love emojis to show their love for her.


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Fitness Is A Lifestyle For Wells

Brooke Wells
instagram | brookewellss

Lots of workout photos updates from the Super Athlete shows that she loves to workout and a recent upload she made on Instagram with the caption " Lil bit of this🏃 ☁️, and Lil bit of that 🏋️ 💪 confirms it. She wore orange sportswear on army-green shorts. Her toned thighs were on display while she got active in running and training.

In another slide, during one of her strength training sessions, she was seen lifting weights and dumbbells. One of her followers commented, "perfect Body", this workout session earned her 27,427 likes and still counting; lots of love was sent into her comment section to acknowledge how fabulous she looks.

She Has A Workout Routine

Brooke Wells
instagram | brookewellss

Spending her youth as a gymnast and track athlete, the 2015 central regional winner trains three times daily from Monday to Saturday except for Sundays which is for her relaxation and fun times. Her workout routines include squats, biking, hiking, running, deadlifts, gymnastics, weightlifting, powerlifting, swimming, cardio, and several track sessions which she switches on to improve her cardiovascular health, stamina, physical health, and also to boost her endurance level and flexibility.

She Is Strict On Paleo Diet

Brooke Wellss
instagram | brookewellss

Physical and overall fitness is really essential to an athlete which is why Wells subscribes to the Paleo diet. It is one that helps manage blood sugar levels and inflammation and balances lean protein, non-starchy vegetables, and low glycemic fruits, nuts, and seeds while limiting starch and refined sugar.

Per HW, the CrossFit athlete takes either sausages, scrambled egg, rainbow-veggie salad for breakfast; grilled turkey steaks, asparagus, or bean salad for lunch and seals it up with either broccoli, cabbage, Brussel sprouts or cabbage for dinner.

As an athlete, it's a no-brainer that injuries or strains might occur which is why she takes essential supplements to recover after intense workouts, boost muscle repairs and prevent muscle mass breakdown. Wondering what the supplements could be? She switches from protein supplements to L-glutamine to multivitamins, fish oil, and BCAAs.