Brie Larson In Bikini Sets Trivia For Fans

Brie Larson
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Ashabi Azeez

Brie Larson sure has an incredible physique. No wonder she slips into bikinis now and again. The Captain Marvel star knows how to engage and entertain her 7 million Instagram fans with exciting posts.

She shared a bikini snap and made it more fun by setting a trivia for her fans.  

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Question For The Timeline?

Brie Larson
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In a recent post, the Room star shared some snaps in a purple cut-out tank top and string bikini bottom. The cut-out detail on the tank top showed her wearing a colorful bikini bra. The bikini displayed her toned limbs and legs.

The first slide showed the actress barefoot, standing in front of a stone wall and posing with her hands on her wavy blonde hair while looking at a distance. 

The following slide showed her dancing happily with her head tossed back, arms midair, legs far apart, and a huge smile plastered on her face. She set a light quiz for her fans with the caption, "What am I dancing to? Wrong answers only.".

Many fans quickly engaged in the fun game, "Baby Shark," a fan wrote. Another commented, "cruel summer by Taylor Swift." The post got over 5 thousand comments. 

Basking In Beauty Hour By The Pool

Brie Larson
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In another Instagram post, the actress flaunted her gorgeous figure as she enjoyed a sunny day by the pool. She rocked a two-piece black bikini. The bikini top had a low v-line which showed her cleavage.

The high-waist bikini bottom highlighted her sculpted abs, toned legs, and arms. She posed by the pool and supported her posture with her arms on the floor while she basked in the sunny beauty hour with her eyes closed, face up towards the sun, and her blonde hair tossed back. One leg was placed in the pool, and the other raised keel was bent.

Brie Shared How Exercising Impacted Her Life 

Brie Larson
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The Oscar-winning actress shared how all the exercises she was engaging in during the filming of Captain Marvel impacted her life.

She explained, "It was nine months of full-time training. I was completely transformed by the time the movie started". Per Men's Journal, before the intense training, Brie had not engaged in workouts because she was an introvert with asthma.

Although she was still an introvert with asthma, "but now I can deadlift 225 pounds, do judo throws, hip thrust 400 pounds, and knock out ten pullups in a row". Brie explained that getting stronger helped her self-confidence and social anxiety. The training helped her embrace her body and made her more confident. 

Being A Mushroom Forager

Brie Larson
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On Twitter, Brie described herself as a mushroom forager. She signed up for a forager with a mycologist who takes people out to identify mushrooms and fell in love with the process. "It's like a scavenger hunt, and you never know what you're going to eat. And I just love the opportunity to be lost, wandering around the forest", she explained. Brie also does scuba diving and shared it was like meditation to her.