Amelia Gray Hamlin Stuns In A Sheer Braless Minidress

Amelia Gray Hamlin
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Amelia Gray Hamlin was born into the spotlight and so it only is natural that she feels right at home there and that is exactly what Amelia Hamlin is doing. As the daughter of two Hollywood parents – actors Lisa Rinna and Harry Hamlin – Amelia was blessed with their genetics and her newfound celebrity is still in the making. At 21 years of age and currently considered a top model in the fashion industry, as she comes into her own, her fans are dying to know more about the ingenue. They can find out lots more on her Instagram feed, where she currently has 1.3 million followers.

Amelia Gray Hamlin Goes Edgy With Tiny Minidress

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In a teeny tiny sheer dress that leaves little to the imagination, Amelia proves that bad girls can look good in the process! Pairing the black minidress with jean boots, the look is edgy, risque, and perfect for a night out on the town! Amelia is ready to go places!

From All Girls School To The New School

Amelia Gray Hamlin
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As a young girl, Amelia attended an all-girls school and the experience left a very bad taste in her mouth as she calls the period one of the darkest of her life. Because of the trauma, she endured while there, she decided to relay to her parents her displeasure and luckily was able to transfer schools. Once she left there, she had to make a decision on what direction she wanted to take as an adult career-wise. This is when she began considering a career in therapy and thus decided to enroll in The New School to study psychology. But, the modeling world came calling quickly thereafter and she abandoned these plans to pursue other passions.

Amelia Has Some Acting Experience

Amelia Gray Hamlin
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Although she only has a few credits on IMDb as of now, she may add to that in the future, even though that is not her main focus these days. She has credit for her role on the television series Rachel & the TreeSchoolers, as well as a few episodes of her alongside her mother in The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Amelia’s Big Brand Ambassadorships

Amelia Gray Hamlin
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Still relatively new to the fashion world, the model has already racked up a few brand ambassadorships thanks in part to her heft social media following. Signed to the Women 360 Agency, she has worked for several major brands, including Levi’s denim.