Lindsey Vonn Opens Up About Mental Health Struggles

Lindsey Vonn
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Lindsey Vonn has opened up about her mental wellness after her 2019 surgery to repair a torn LCL. She went on the Today show Tuesday to talk about her struggles with insomnia, depression, and how things have progressed. The four-time Olympic skier spoke about this while also discussing her memoir Rise. Find out what you missed from the interview.

She Has Had Trouble Sleeping

Lindsey Vonn
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Vonn revealed that she has had trouble sleeping. She said: "I've actually had insomnia for quite some time, and it started when I had my first big knee surgery. As an athlete, you know how important sleep is. I was lying in bed after surgery in a lot of pain and trying to sleep, and I couldn't. The anxiety behind it just got me down this really bad path of repetitively not sleeping."


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She Has Changed Her Approach To Wellness

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With the trouble, she decided to approach her sleep and mental wellness from a new perspective. She said she's finally found treatment and things have gotten better. Vonn said: "I'm healthy, I'm happy, I'm well rested. I'm approaching life every day with a lot of energy and enthusiasm and I get a lot of that from my mom but from my sleep as well. For me, it was important to share this and help others along the way."

She Opened Up About Her Mental Health Struggles

Lindsey Vonn
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Vonn has been dealing with mental health issues from a young age. She told PEOPLE in January, "I've been dealing with it since I was 18. It's definitely been a roller coaster of a journey. I've come a long way and I'm proud of that. But I'm a work in progress and I continue to work on myself every day."

Her Mental Health Has Gotten Better, However

Lindsey Vonn
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While Vonn was open about her struggles, she also said that they have gotten better over the years. Vonn said she's learned to take antidepressants and does everything she can "to make sure I'm maintaining good mental health by doing all those things that help me stay positive like journaling, being with friends, and working out."

She stressed that athletes are often viewed as "superheroes, but we're human like everybody else." Because of this, opening up about her mental health destigmatized her role as an athlete. She said since speaking about her mental health, the culture has changed, and she is "happy we're destigmatizing this."