Megan Fox Shares Steamy Photos With Kourtney Kardashian

Megan Fox  with long earrings and tousled curls.
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Alexandra Lozovschi

The internet went absolutely insane back in September when we all feasted our collective eyes upon the newest SKIMS campaign featuring none other than Megan Fox. Starring alongside Kourtney Kardashian-Barker, the duo sent temperatures soaring as they fed each other cherries and locked lips with the same apple. Now, the Transformers actress is sharing a BTS peek at the shoot, and it seems things got even raunchier off-camera.

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The Cotton Collection

Debuting on September 22, SKIM's Cotton Collection immediately went viral -- and the brunette beauties had everything to do with it. Flashing their curves in tight undies and low-cut tops designed for cleavage, the ladies put on a sultry display as they got handsy and posed chiseled-abs-to-chiseled-abs. Nonchalant as ever, Megan shared the photos on Instagram a day later, making up for the delay with serious underboob.

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Looking Like A Snack

Meanwhile, Kourtney was a lot prompter with her Instagram posts -- and it's safe to assume people never craved for apples and cherries more than when the pics came out. To prove how much she supports her younger sister, the Poosh owner promoted Kim Kardashian's SKIMS brand in two separate slideshows, which included a sizzling topless shoot with Megan.

All three uploads (both Megan and Kourtney's) scored upward of 3.5 million likes on Instagram and it looked like they couldn't be topped -- until Megan's latest upload.

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Bathroom Fun

Just when we thought things couldn't get any hotter, here comes Megan with a three-part slideshow that is making posting from a bathroom cool again. In the never-before-seen images, the ladies delivered sweltering hotness as they got down on their knees or flat-out laid down on the floor, all the while rocking revealing SKIMS apparel. One photo showed Kourtney straddling Megan on the toilet, both ladies with tongues out.

Sitting at over 4.1 million likes, the suggestive upload came with an intriguing question: "Should we start an OnlyFans?" Some of Megan's 20.4 million followers did their best to answer. "These photos just added 10 years to my life," said one person, who earned 16,300-plus likes.

They're 'In Love'

It's been clear for a good while that Megan and Kourtney are pretty much besties. Aside from fronting the SKIMS Cotton Collection, the 36-year-old Jennifer's Body star shares a deeper bond with the 43-year-old socialite that was fostered by the close friendship between their respective partners, Machine Gun Kelly and Travis Barker.

In an update shared in September from the VMAs (which the two couples attended together, FWI), Megan declared that she and Kourtney were so close they were practically "in love" as they posed from yet another bathroom. Another thing they have in common: they both have three kids from past relationships. Talk about kismet!