Brie Larson Shows Off Toned Legs On Sushi Date

Brie Larson
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Ashabi Azeez

Brie Larson is as fit as ever and she loves to enjoy the good life too! When the actress is not starting in a blockbuster movie, she is having a good time elsewhere. The 32-year-old posted a few snaps on her Instagram page featuring a photo of her in front of a sushi joint and relishing some of their dishes. She flaunted her sturdy legs in a sundress while enjoying a sushi paradise hangout with her partner.

Showing Off Sturdy Legs

Brie Larson
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In one photo, Brie stood in front of an establishment called Sushi Paradise in a short floral sundress. The short dress had tiny spaghetti straps that displayed her shoulders while the Captain Marvel star flaunted her sturdy legs. Her blonde hair was styled in a simple center part look.

She leaned against her artist boyfriend Elijah Allan-Blitz who she has been dating since 2019. Another snap showed a delicious tray of shucked oysters, alongside an open can of juice and a broth of some kind.

The third snap showed Brie beaming next to an A-sign.

New Pole Dancing Routine

Brie Larson
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Brie flaunts those sturdy legs once again. The talented actress shared a few snaps on Instagram while revealing that she made an “im-POLE-sive” decision to join a new workout class. ‘The Marvels’ star wore a black sports bra and powdered blue shorts while engaging in a pole dancing routine.

She seemed to have gotten the hang of her new workout as her strong legs held the pole impressively. Her flat abs and toned arms were not to be overlooked either. Brie seems to be loving her new workout as she smiled joyfully in one snap. “Made an im-POLE-sive decision to try a new workout class,” she wrote in the caption that accompanied the photos.

Building Superhero Strength

Brie Larson
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Brie shared the intense leg exercise she does to build superhero strength. She trained for nine months for her role in Captain Marvel and is known for doing her own stunts. While the actress was preparing for her return to her role as Carol Danvers in The Marvels, she shared an Instagram video of her intense leg day workout. In the clip, she engaged in weighted Bulgarian split squats. “Pushing myself past my limit, honey! Doesn’t always look pretty but gosh it feels amazing,” she captioned the post.

Intense Leg Workout

Brie Larson
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In the video, Brie holds two 45-pound weights in each hand while performing a lunge with her back foot elevated on a bench. Her trainer Jason Walsh cheers her on in the background while counting down each rep. Walsh then replaces the weights with 65-pound sets.

According to Prevention, the workout helped engage her core muscles, practice balance, and build strength in her legs. “Brie worked out five days a week with me pretty much the whole nine months,” Walsh told Men’s Health. “She worked her ass off to get into shape for this movie.”