Carrie Underwood Shares Her Fitness Tips And Favorite Smoothie Recipe

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With so many things keeping her busy, it’s amazing Carrie Underwood finds the time to work out regularly. In an interview with Shape in December 2021, the 39-year-old country music star said, “My current fitness plan is working in working out whenever I can. We have so much going on right now. I have two children that are extremely active and busy, and I'm also prepping for a lot of different things at the moment: the holidays, rehearsals for my upcoming Las Vegas residency, etc. So, I do the best I can to take care of myself in the midst of all of that.”

What does her fitness routine look like amid her hectic schedule? Read on.

'Do Something Instead Of Nothing'

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Underwood is serious about keeping fit despite her work and other commitments, and her incredibly toned physique is proof.

“I try my best to work in something,” she said. “I feel blessed to have created an app that is all about working out called fit52, and in it, we try to make even short workouts effective and give people an option to do something instead of nothing. The most important thing is to move. If you do that, and you give what you have, your day will be better for it.”

Stay Hydrated

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The “Denim & Rhinestones” artist’s workout routine includes weightlifting, circuit training, and running but added, “[A]t this point in my life, I do whatever I have time for!”

She also stresses the importance of staying hydrated, especially with such a busy workout schedule. That is why she has partnered with sports drink brand Bodyarmor, which she says is an essential part of her regimen.

Her Favorite Smoothie

Underwood is creative with how she stays hydrated, too. She has a smoothie recipe that she loves to make for a post-workout snack or a quick lunch, “cause I'm usually running somewhere and a smoothie is an easy thing to take on the go or in my car,” she explained. The smoothie uses Bodyarmor Lyte, beet juice, mixed berries, spinach or kale, protein powder, and ice. Yum!

The Right Food Choices

In addition to proper hydration, Underwood makes sure she stays fueled with the right food choices.

“I've been vegetarian for many, many years and I flirt with veganism, so I'm somewhere in between the two,” she explained. “Honestly, I just make sure I'm eating real food. I love vegetables and fruit — and now there are so many options for people that don't eat meat, but are like meat. Generally, I just try to make good choices and eat real food.”