NBA News: Warriors' Title Run Forced Kevin Durant To Pursue A Trade, Says Woj

Kevin Durant
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Ernesto Cova

The Brooklyn Nets agreed to deal with Kyrie Irving's antics because it was the price to pay for Kevin Durant. But soon after most people speculated that Irving was going to force his way out, it was actually KD the one to demand a trade.

The aftermath of Durant's trade request can have a massive impact on the NBA. Needless to say, everybody in the league will try to get him as he still has four years left on his contract, regardless of his age and apparent commitment issues.

He Was Frustrated Again

Kevin Durant
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Durant's trade request was a shocker to most. He had left the Golden State Warriors to shut down all narratives against him and prove that he could lead and win on his own. So, when his former team went on to win in the NBA Finals again without him, he just couldn't handle it:

"I think it exasperated Kevin Durant’s frustration," Adrian Wojnarowski said on Get Up. "I think it’s the narrative that surrounded him that he dealt with in the aftermath of him leaving Golden State and then going on to win a title without him, contrasted with what has gone on in Brooklyn in these last three years."

Nets Want A Massive Haul

Kevin Durant
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A trade for Durant should come with an unprecedented return. Never had a player of his caliber and with so many years left in his contract requested to be traded:

"Brooklyn wants a massive group of draft picks back, first-round picks, pick swaps, and they also want an All-Star level player," Woj said.

Half Of The League Has Called

Kevin Durant
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But regardless of how steep the price for his services may be, NBA insider Marc Spears reports that at least half of the league has reached out to the Nets in regards to their All-Star:

"It’s no surprise to me that Warriors have interest in Kevin Durant, according to sources. So does more than half the league. It’s KEVIN DURANT. You better make the call if you’re an NBA GM. It’s KEVIN DURANT," Spears tweeted.

A Warriors Reunion In The Works?

Kevin Durant
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Ironically, Spears also reported that the Golden State Warriors actually have the best potential trade package for Durant, as they could offer Andrew Wiggins, Jonathan Kuminga, James Wiseman, and even Jordan Poole.

Whether the Dubs will be willing to part ways with that many assets remains to be seen, but the word around the league is that they'd welcome KD back to the Bay area without hesitation.