Jessie James Decker In Swimwear Shares All She Needs

Close up of Jessie James Decker
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Chisom Ndianefo

After her lengthy message on managing her mental health by balancing her multifaceted life, there's no doubt that Jessie James Decker is family-oriented. The mother of three traveled with her family to the Milwaukee Summerfest earlier this week as she returned to the stage after spending some time away with them.

In her post, Jessie complained about the world not granting women the grace of running multiple businesses and having different careers. Her performance at Summerfest proved her point that she could be great at many things at once.

Enjoying Beach Time With The Family

Jessie and her family spent time on the beach, and she said,

"All I need is you and the sea 💙"

Jessie wore a black swimsuit showing her curves while her children and husband wore swimsuits.

On Father's Day, she wrote a tribute to him,

"Our babies are so lucky to have you. Watching you with our Wolfpack makes me fall more in love with you everyday. I Love you❤️ I’m down to make more❤️"

Eric Decker replied,

"Love my babies❤️love you!!"

Celebrating Ninth Anniversary

This month, they explored Europe from Paris to Capri as they celebrated their 9th anniversary. The couple got together eleven years ago and now have three children between them. They complimented each other, wearing casual shorts with Jessie adding a white cropped top and a brown jacket with dark sunglasses. The Deckers shared their ice cream as they walked on the streets of Paris.

Jessie wrote,

"Mi amor💖We’ve been looking forward to this for a year🍋 happy anniversary month baby😍 9 years married next week!"

Living The Parisienne Life

The singer enjoyed her time in Paris as she dressed the part in white mini shorts and a floral tank top. She paired the outfit with a wide-brimmed raffia hat, rose-colored glasses, a tote purse, and matching mule sandals.

Celebrating The Success Of Her Latest Single

Jessie celebrated the success of her latest single, Should've Known Better, with a new post. The song now has over 40 million streams, and she wrote,

"I can’t believe it! Thank you everyone who’s been streaming and listening to my first official country radio single! Make sure and call your local radio station and request it, let them know you wanna hear it! We are off to the races with this one. Thank you thank you! Ps I have some huge news about a song dropping next month🌅 any guesses?"