Demi Rose In Bikini Finds Paradise

Close up of Demi Rose
instagram | Demi Rose


Instagram model, Demi Rose, shared new snaps from her latest vacation lounging by the sea in a topless bikini. The model often tours the world and shares the experience with almost 20 million followers on her Insta.

This summer, she's spending time in Spain and has moved from Ibiza to Es Vedra, lounging by the poolside and enjoying nature's caress. With Instagram's latest feature allowing users to pin their favorite posts, Rose brought back some sultry snaps from a year ago.

Lounging In Es Vedra

The model laid bare on a boat in the center of the Es Vedra Island sea. She flaunted her curvy body in a topless picture pressing her bare breast to the bed while her curvy butt featured halfway in a black bikini bottom.

Rose wore her light brown hair with scanty bangs and adorned her thin waist with a gold chain link. She wrote in the caption that she'd found paradise in Spain. Perhaps that explains her extended stay in the European country.

Going Topless In Ibiza

When she was on the Island of Ibiza, Rose posed in another topless bikini with a giant raffia hat to cover her perky boobs. She placed her red bikini top carefully on the side of her bed while her zebra print black and white bikini bottom with red borders peeked between her thick thighs.

Her new cut bangs were missing as her hair fell in a careless wave to the side while she took in the sun's light on her red painted lips and subtly made-up face.

Something From 2021

Rose thrilled fans with an old photoshoot from Valentine's Day 2021, making it her pinned post. It garnered over 700,000 likes and 10 percent of that in comments, with fans gushing over her rose petal-covered body. She channeled her inner American Beauty for this photoshoot.

An American Beauty

Still, in the spirit of rose beds and petal arrangements, Rose laid in a heart-shaped red and white roses arrangement embodying her name. She draped a white cloth loosely over her body, showing off her cleavage and parts of her thighs - legs. The model, however, packed her usually curly long hair into a messy bun to keep the attention on the background.

Still, in the spirit of roses, the model wore red lace underwear with floral impressions on the fabric. She also gave her fans a close-up of her red lip and gold eyeshadow look.

Check the Instagram post out below.