Jessie James Decker In Bikini Enjoys Rum Cocktail

Close up of Jessie James Decker smiling
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Chisom Ndianefo

Country music artist Jessie James Decker shared a heart-wrenching message about her struggles in the past year and how she's overcome them. She also shared a new promo video lounging in her Kittenish swim while on vacation with her husband, Eric.

The couple celebrated their ninth anniversary this week, where Jessie said she'll choose Eric again. Jessie's Mental health struggles have been rampant for years, but she finally started overcoming them last year and shared her progress online.

Enjoying Her Summer Cocktail

Jessie lounged in a red bikini with a zip-up top closed halfway and a matching high-waist bottom paired with a striped white and blue shirt. She tied her dark blonde hair back and wore dark sunshades as she lounged in a pool bed. Jessie nursed a rum cocktail in one hand while talking about its benefits in the caption. She said it's a way to Do Whatever Tastes Good this summer!

Celebrating Nine Years With Eric

After nine years together and three children between them, Jessie said she'll choose Eric again. She shared her wedding book and a special song dedicated to her husband with her four million-plus followers. The couple looked happy then and haven't lost their smile and laughter even to this day.

"I still choose you," she wrote.

Opening Up About Mental Health Struggles

The singer opened up about her mental health struggles in a lengthy message. She wrote,

"I want to be open and honest. I have struggled the last couple of years. It's up and down. There have been really amazing moments but also some pretty low lows."

She shared the message because she felt like her life appeared perfect on camera, and that was unrealistic for her followers. Jessie shared that she had body image insecurities which made her obsessed with working out to fix invisible imperfections.

Being A Woman In 2022

The singer also added that her career hasn't been rosy. She started singing when she was nine years old, but her influencing gigs and TV shows overshadowed her talent, in her opinion.

"As a woman in 2022, I don't understand why I can't have a family, publish books, own a fashion brand, be an influencer, and do TV without being questioned if I take my music career seriously..."

Jessie also touched on her public family drama which she wished was private, although she's worked through it with her siblings this year.

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