NBA Draft 2022: Orlando Magic Likely Taking Jabari Smith

Jabari Smith
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Jon Conahan

The Orlando Magic have the number 1 pick in the 2022 NBA draft that will be taking place on June 23 at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York.

There are a few options that Orlando could go with for the number 1 pick. Jabari Smith, Chet Holmgren, and Paolo Banchero are all in the mix to be the number 1 pick of this year's draft.

Although those three players all have the potential to go number 1, recent reports are suggesting that the Orlando Magic are going to select Jabari Smith out of Auburn University.

Would Smith Be The Right Pick?

Chet Holmgren
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It's tough to say if this would be the right pick for the Orlando Magic. All three of these guys have a legitimate chance of coming into the NBA and making an immediate impact.

It's going to take some time to see who's going to be the best player from this draft, but Jabari Smith certainly has the potential to be the best one. He had a great career at Auburn and his game translates well to the NBA.

Jabari Smith's Strengths

Orlando Magic
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Jabari Smith can play numerous positions at a high level on the defensive side of the ball, has an above-average jump shot, and is an elite rebounder. He has the potential to become an NBA All-Star in the future given his age and a combination of size, agility, and defense.

He might be the best shooter entering this draft. Being an outstanding defender and shooting 42% from behind the arc in his freshman year at Auburn is pretty much everything a franchise in the NBA could want in today's game.

Jabari Smith's Weaknesses

Orlando Magic
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Some scouts have been alarmed by the fact that he consistently makes challenging shots at a high level throughout the draft process. Some people are concerned that it won't be sustainable, but if he performs as well in the NBA as he did at Auburn this past season, those difficult shots will continue to be made at a high level.

It's tough to identify a true weakness in his game. His game doesn't have many faults other than the fact that he occasionally struggles to create for himself off the dribble.

This Could Change The Magic's Future For The Better

Orlando Magic
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If Jabari Smith ends up being the type of player that everybody is expecting him to be, the Orlando Magic are going to be in a great position moving forward. They have some young talent on their roster already and adding a guy who has the potential to make an immediate impact in this league is going to be valuable for them.