MLB News: Rival Executive Says Aaron Judge Would Never Play With The Cubs

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Jon Conahan

Superstar outfielder Aaron Judge of the New York Yankees is one of the best players in baseball and somebody that could potentially be on a different team next season. Aaron Judge and the New York Yankees have not come to a contract agreement yet and there have been some rumors about teams that could potentially give him a deal.

Executive Calls The Cubs Losers

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One team that could potentially add Aaron Judge is the Chicago Cubs. However, a few rival executives had some things to say about Aaron Judge and the Cubs possibly getting a deal done.

The Cubs are a big-market team with a small-market payroll, and they have plenty of financial flexibility if they want to use it.

But would Judge want the Cubs?

“He wants to win. He’s not going to sign with a loser like the Cubs are right now,” a rival evaluator said. “I don’t see him signing up for the rebuild.”

Would Judge Go To The Cubs?

Aaron Judge
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Although what the rival executive said here is a bit harsh to the Chicago Cubs, it would be tough to argue with anything that he said. Chicago is arguably the worst team in baseball at the moment as they're currently 25-43 and sit in fourth place in the National League Central.

They're already 13 games behind the first-place Milwaukee Brewers in the Central and it would be likely if this team ends up losing over 100 games.

Judge Will Still Be A Yankee

Aaron Judge
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At the moment, it seems likely that Aaron Judge is going to continue being a New York Yankee for the future.

Everybody knows that the Yankees aren't afraid to spend money and unless something drastically changes throughout the next few months, Aaron Judge and the Yankees should be able to get a deal done. It's a bit questionable why they haven't gotten it done yet, but they should be able to strike one sometime soon.

Judge Could Get $300 Million

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There's a legitimate chance that whoever does end up signing Aaron Judge is going to have to pay him upwards of $300 million for about 8-10 years. He's one of those guys that deserves every penny because of the production that he gives out on the field every season.

With the year that he's had right now, he's only going to be demanding more money. He's undoubtedly been the best player in the American League, and possibly even all of baseball.