How To Get Matches On Dating Apps

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Ingrid Vasquez

Dating is not a simple task. Nowadays, however, there is a world that makes it much easier. Dating apps are changing this traditional process. Getting a match on a dating app now has become even easier. Here are the steps to succeed!

Use Photos That Are Real

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First impressions are everything. Because of that, it may be simple to use a photo that amplifies a part of you that does not exist by using photo editing software. On other occasions, you might use an old picture or a picture that does not show you as the focus. This might be done to further hide "flaws" or the real version of you. However, by doing this, you are pushing away the opportunity for a real connection.

Use the photos that show you. Be real. If you do not have any recent pictures that you like, take them. Take photos doing what you love and show off your personality. A picture says thousands of words. What will your pictures say about you?

Write Something On Your Profile

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Skip the emojis and slang. Create your account with language that reflects you. Sure - a picture might attract someone to your profile, but what will make them stay and choose you? Write about your interests, hobbies, and who you are in your bio.

What do people in your friend group already see in your social media profiles? What do people in your friend group know about you in real life? Write who you are - not who you think others want you to be.

Be Forthcoming About Everything

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Are there kids in your life? Are you in the middle of a divorce? Make it a talking point! Make those "awkward conversations" into something that will get you the first date. You will find that more often than not, many people will relate to things you do not want to talk about. Whether they are directly going through it or someone else, finding a connection will be rooted in the truth. Be vulnerable!

Optimize Your Settings

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Don't think about your perfect match. Use dating apps to your benefit. Dating apps are meant to make the process easier. Does your perfect match live in the same city? Is your perfect match five years older than you?

Ignore the ideas you might have and chase bigger opportunities. Expand your opportunities by searching a wider area of matches or wider age groups. With potential matches being accessible at the click of a button, expanding your search will allow you to find the match that is best for you.

Respond To Everything

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You have a connection. Perfect! But you hesitate and have disbelief about it working out? Respond anyway! That's the algorithm.

According to research by Bustle, "the dating app algorithm will favor you if you’re swiping and messaging frequently, and because it’s easier to connect with matches if you’re responding promptly. If you take a week to respond, users will unmatch you. Take breaks when you need to, but when you’re on the apps, be full-on".