Sydney Sweeney In Swimsuit Shares First Water Ski

Close up of Sydney Sweeney
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Chisom Ndianefo

You know summer is in full effect when Sydney Sweeney shares a video of herself skiing while on vacation. The actress told her millions of Instagram followers that she might turn her feed to a progress report on her skills.

After sweeping the MTV TV & Movie Awards popcorn for her role on Euphoria two weeks ago, she decided a relaxing activity was in order. It was even better to share it with her online family. However, the image was blurry due to her poor internet reception.

First Ski This Year

Sweeney wore a skintight black wetsuit, perfect for her water ski moment because it protected her skin from the splashing waves as she zipped across the sea. As earlier noted, her face wasn't visible in the video, but she confirmed her identity by using personal pronouns. Sweeney asked,

"is it super blurry for you guys or just me? I have terrible service here so never know 😂"

She also promised,

"aiming to ski every day this week so my account may or may not become my progress report,"

since it was her first ski this year.

Getting Down And Dirty On A Road Trip

In her latest Tory Burch campaign, Sweeney showcased her mechanical talent while advertising the new summer collection. In one of her video sequences, she slid underneath the vintage car wearing white bikini bottom with the TB logo printed in tan tones and a cropped top showing her defined ab lines.

Choosing the road trip/mechanic storyline wasn't a coincidence because Sweeney has experience in that area, especially in fixing vintage vehicles.

Sharing Her Love For Vintage Car Restoration

Earlier this year, she revealed her secret talent on The Late Late Show with James Corden. Then she spoke with Harper's Bazaar about her interest in Vintage cars and how she feels more women should invade male-dominated spaces.

The actress dedicated a TikTok page to her hobby, sharing videos of her vintage car restoration and collection. Sweeney showcased her 1969 Ford Bronco on eBay Motors' Auto Parts Show after taking fans on its restoration journey.

Challenging The Status Quo

Sweeney wrote,

"I couldnt have done any of it without the help of @rodemory , who has been like a 2nd dad to me half of my life. He kindly made space for me in his shop and patiently taught me the ins and outs of car restoration."

She also ended her caption by saying,

"I’m so proud of how it’s all come together! I know this is a long caption, which I don’t usually do, but I just want to say to any young girl out there that’s interested in cars, Prove ‘em wrong, you can do anything you set your mind to ;)"