Pat McAfee Reacts To Vince McMahon's Allegations

Vince McMahon
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Ernesto Cova

WWE superstar Vince McMahon is in the eye of the storm right now. The Wall Street Journal reported that his company is investigating a $3 million payment made to a former employee to sign an NDA.

Apparently, McMahon and said employee had sexual relationships, thus he wanted to make it clear that those relationships were consensual. Needless to say, that rose plenty of speculation and chaos online.

McAfee Doesn't Know Anything

Vince McMahon
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Even former NFL player Pat McAfee had to chime in at some point. As a WWE enthusiast and commentator, he was quick to clear the air and state that he doesn't know anything about the situation:

“I don’t know, I know less than everybody else. I don’t know sh*t about f*ck, okay? I don’t know sh*t about f*ck over there. I go in, do my thing, say hello to everybody, I’m out. I’m in maybe the most awesome situation in the history of WWE for anybody," McAfee said on his show. "I’m a longtime fan, lifelong fan of the company, but I’m not a part of any of the anything, really. I’m part of no groups, I have no locker room when I go there. I literally just kind of bounce around, do my thing, and I’m out.”

He's Looking Forward To Hearing What's Going On

Vince McMahon
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He added that he's looking forward to getting to the bottom of it, which is why he'll make the most of his next WWE appearance to hear all the chatter:

“I’m going there tomorrow. I’m excited to hear the chatter. Now, obviously, what is being alleged is not fantastic at all, it’s terrible. There will be full investigations," McAfee added.

McAfee Doesn't Know What Will Happen

Vince McMahon
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He's going to be just like any other fan. And while he can make his conjectures, the truth is that no one knows what actually happened:

"I’m watching along with everybody else in the middle of Indianapolis but that came out of nowhere yesterday. What will happen? TBD," McAfee said. "There’s going to be a lot of investigations. and those investigations will contradict other investigations."

This Is 'Incredibly Problematic'

Vince McMahon
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The former Colts star went on to say that he hopes the truth eventually comes to light:

"I'm learning a lot about a lot of things.' What's real, what isn't? Who knows. Hopefully, I'll find out at some point," McAfee said. "Hopefully, we all will. Who knows how that whole thing will go. It sounds incredibly problematic."

So, what happened? Time will tell.