Jessie James Decker Is Red Hot In Bikini

Close up of Jessie James Decker
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Chisom Ndianefo

Jessie James Decker introduced a red hot bikini to her swimwear line Kittenish just in time for summer. The country music artist started the brand in 2019, and it has since grown into a big brand.

She also introduced a new makeup line this month after teasing its release for a while.

The all-star collection featured bright red colors with leather materials and gave a sporty vibe different from the previous designs she's dropped.

Check it out below.

Red Hot For Summer

Decker wore a zip-up two-piece accentuating her curves and baring her toned abs. She stretched her hands above her head and crossed one leg over the other, poking her butt out and showing the flexibility of the bikini.

She called it the season's suit because of its versatility - it can fit with sneakers o heels depending on the wearer's interest.

Check out the zip-up set with sneakers combo below.

Getting Ready For 4th Of July

Decker designed the collection with Fourth of July festivities in mind, and there's a style inspiration on the official page modeled by Jensen Lang. She wore a high-rise one-piece with a classic thin strap on either shoulder and a cinched waist.

Then, the model paired the swimwear with a striped white and navy oversized shirt worn halfway with rolled-up sleeves. The combination is a tribute to the American Flag, and her accessories make it look much better and more modern.

Going Earthy On The Face

While Kittenish Swim is Red Hot and spicy, the new makeup collection is earthy and neutral. Decker shared a first look at the nude lipstick and four-shade eyeshadow palette.

While the nude lipstick is a light shade complimenting her skin tone, the eyeshadow palettes, which come in two pigments, have four ranges of neutral tones. One palette is shimmery, while the other is a subtle soft matte shade perfect for blending harsh lines.

Same Trusted Formula In A New Packaging

Alexa Persico Cosmetics partnered with Kittenish for the collection in a new and improved packaging. This isn't the duo's first partnership, although there's no major difference between this year's release and their first partnership in 2019.

However, back then, the nude shades included a pink blush and grey eyeshadow fitted in the round holders, while this new set has square-cut designs.

"Same formulas that you love with new pretty kittenish packaging! I know you’re gonna love it, go get it right Meow!"