How To Not Mess Up Your First Date

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Salma Ahmed

It's easy to get overwhelmed when you are going on a first date, especially if you haven't been active in the dating field lately.

Your friends will give you many tips on what you should do during your first date to ensure that there will be a second one.

That’s great! But what about the things you shouldn’t do? Just like there are things that make a date successful, there are things that make your number blocked before you reach dessert.

We will tell you what you should avoid to ensure you won’t mess up your first date!

1. Don’t Mention Your Ex

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We believe that this is an obvious one, but it needs to be mentioned as it still happens.

The reason why people go on first dates is to get to know each other and that’s it. They are not interested in getting to know anything about your ex whether it’s good or bad.

If you mention your ex, then you are simply telling your date that you aren’t over them.

2. Remember That You Aren’t On A Date With Yourself

Two people on a date
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We understand that sometimes you may get too distracted or excited to talk about yourself and your own life, and this is okay, but it stops being okay when you only talk about yourself and don’t ask your date about anything.

You should remember that an essential element in dates is having a conversation, and so you must ask your date some questions just like they ask you. Show them that you are interested!

If you don't know what questions you should ask on a date, then you could check Insider’s advice and question suggestions.

3. Don’t Get Drunk

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It’s okay to have a drink or two to take off the edge and to calm down a little bit, but if those two drinks started to get more, then say goodbye to any thoughts of going on a second date.

You won’t impress anyone, especially your date, if you get too drunk to order an Uber for yourself or you start a drunk rant.

Your friends may endure that, but someone whom you took on a first date won’t.

4. Your Date Should Be More Important Than Your Phone

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Of course, you should take your phone with you when you go out, but what you certainly shouldn’t do is look at your phone’s screen more than the times you looked at your date’s face.

If you are a busy man, that’s okay! But you should make time for your date and show her that she is more important than your phone.

You could take a look at CNBC’s tips to stop checking your phone too much.

5. It Is A Date, Not An Interview

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Just like we said, holding a conversation is very important on a first date.

But just because it's important, that doesn't mean that you ask your date anything that comes to your mind. So you absolutely shouldn’t ask them interview questions like where do you see yourself in five years? These types of interview questions will get you an answer along the lines of: not with you.

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