NFL News: Aaron Rodgers On Retirement: 'I Think About It All The Time'

Aaron Rodgers
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Just when everybody thought that Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers were ready to move on from each other, they made him the highest-paid QB in the league, regardless of the impact that could have on their salary cap.

One could only wonder that Rodgers had vowed his commitment to the team and the game for years to come. But then again, Aaron Rodgers is one of the most unpredictable characters in all major sports.

Rodgers Admits He Thinks About Retirement

Aaron Rodgers
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He once again put that unpredictability on full display. Following his win on 'The Match' with Tom Brady, Rodgers admitted that he's constantly thinking about walking away from the game for good:

“I think about it all the time,” Rodgers said. “When you commit, you’re 100 percent. But the older you get, the interests change, and the grind, I think, wears on you a little more.

Playing It's Easy, Says Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers
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The reigning MVP isn't worried about the football part of being an NFL player. But everything that surrounds its lifestyle is what can be too much of a burden to handle at this point in his career, and precisely what could put an end to id:

“The football part is the easy part,”the QB added. “That’s the joy. It’s the other stuff that wears on you and makes you think about life after football. Tommy (Brady= obviously set the bar so high with playing so many years, but I can definitely see the end coming.”

Diana Russini Mocks Rodgers' Comments

Aaron Rodgers
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But then again, not everybody's buying into this narrative. Some believe he just wants to make all narratives about him again after months away from the spotlight:

“Congratulations, Aaron Rodgers,” ESPN's Dianna Russini jokingly said. “You now get the headlines again. Because guess what we’re talking about to start off this football segment? Aaron Rodgers, again. We did this all last year. Now we’re going to have conversations about him retiring?”

He's Still Got A Lot Left In The Tank

Aaron Rodgers
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Aaron Rodgers is no regular 39-year-old. He struggled with a foot injury last season, but he's been healthy for most of his career, and his numbers haven't changed the slightest as the years pass.

The Packers wouldn't have signed him to such a massive contract extension if they didn't think he could play at the highest level for at least the remainder of his deal, so maybe, we should take his words with a grain of salt.