Alexandra Daddario In Bikini Flaunts Toned Long Legs

Close up of Alexandra Daddario
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36-year-old Percy Jackson alum Alexandra Daddario soaked in the last bit of summer before the weather turned cold last year, and as it warms up again, she's back in her bikini. The actress is on location filming the AMC TV series Mayfair Witches for the next four to five months, and her biggest complaint has been the heat.

So, it's only natural that she went for a swim on the beach as soon as possible. The actress took awkward standing pictures in true Alexandra fashion with no drama or actual pose.

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Soaking In The Ocean Air

Alexandra Daddario close up in red dress
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Daddario posed in her navy blue bikini with a knotted bandeau top and matching bottoms with her black hair in a short wavy neck-length cut. She tucked the hair underneath a hat and stood slightly on her tippy toes as the camera captured her with the beach in the distance serving as a picturesque background.

Diving Into A Cave Pool

Daddario has a thing for standing straight bathing suit pictures. She took a similar shot in a mono-sleeve red bathing suit before entering a cave to find a hidden lake last year. Her long toned legs stood out even though the camera captured her frame at a distance.

She also shared the moment she decided to swim into the lake with her 22.5 million followers and one Instagram user commented that the water was, "Blue like [her] eyes." The picture showed only her sleeked back wet hair and a hint of her red bathing suit.

The Last Days Of Summer

While on vacation, Daddario lounged in a powder blue bikini bottom, a matching shirt, and a wide-brimmed raffia sun hat. Her fiancé Andrew Forme lay beside her in pink shorts, dark sunglasses, and a navy blue face cap. The Why Women Kill actress noted that she was soaking in the last summer days before the Winter saying,

"Last warm days. Winter won’t be so bad though ❤️"

Announcing Her Engagement

That winter, she announced her engagement to movie producer Andrew Form calling him the Most Formidable Love of her life. Before the announcement, there had been rumors of their relationship getting serious despite their limited public appearances.

"You’ve taken the worst moments of my life and soothed them, just knowing that you existed when they happened makes my heart fuller and more pieced together... Andrew- you are the greatest, most formidable love of my life. I couldn’t be luckier," she wrote.